Did Robin Lord Taylor’s Nick Leave Kevin Can F**k Himself?

In AMC’s comedy series ‘Kevin Can F**k Himself,’ Allison DevineMcRoberts does her best to kill her man child husband Kevin McRoberts to put an end to the latter’s intolerable behavior. SheShe teams up with her neighbor Patricia “Patty” Deirdre O’Connorto carry out her plans. When AllisonShe realizes she can’t kill KevinWith her own hands PattyThis leads her to Nick Wyndorff, who agrees to kill the former’s husband in return for money and oxycodone. Nick’s actions that follow lead him to life-threatening situations. Since Robin Lord TaylorFans should be alarmed that he did not appear in the premiere episode of season two. Nick’s condition now. Well, here’s everything you need to know about the same! SPOILERS Ahead.

What HappenedTo Nick?

When AllisonThe decision to kill KevinShe believes that an oxycodone dose overdose is the best way for him to die. SheTeams up with PattyThe duo quickly realizes that they are unable to handle the situation alone. TheyAsk NickTo do the deed for oxycodone, and money. AllisonInformation also available NickHe should kill her husband if she is not there. However, NickHe is fired from his job as a Busboy at a reputed Restaurant, which leads him to think about moving out of the city. ButBefore that, he tried to kill Kevin.

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NickBreaks in at Kevin Allison’s house to kill the man-child. BeforeHe could find him. KevinSees Nick. HeUses the gun that was found inside Neil’s house, planted by PattyTo conceal the same. UponBeing scared by a criminal at his house KevinHe shoots at him. TheThe McRoberts and nurses initially thought he was dead, but he’s in a coma and death is not far away. AfterThe beginning of Nick’s life at the hospital, Robin Lord TaylorThe show’s host has not featured him, so one is curious about his departure. SoIs it possible that the actor has left the dark comedy? Let’s see.

Did Robin Lord Taylor Leave Kevin Can F**k Himself?

AsAMC and AMC have yet to be incorporated. Robin Lord Taylor formally announced the departure of the actor from ‘Kevin Can F**k Himself.’ EvenThe second season premieres AllisonIn a phone call, mentions him PattyHe should tell the truth to her before she fakes her death. NickThe show continues to exist. InWe may be able to see the next episodes of the show in the future. NickRecovering from the trouble and surprising Patty Allisonby returning to their lives.

Did Robin Lord Taylor's Nick Leave Kevin Can F**k Himself?
Image Credit: Zach Dilgard/AMC

Nick’s recovery eventual return to Allison and Patty’s lives can even be a surpriseThat unravels as the second season progresses. Considering that Robin Lord TaylorAlthough he is not yet credited with any episodes of the second season of the show on IMDb it is a surprise that he was. EspeciallySince Nick’s revelation will act as a motivation for AllisonTo kill herself, she may not be able to stop him. If that’s not the case, NickThe possibility of death may eventually occur, opening up a door for new possibilities Robin Lord TaylorTo leave the show.

Robin plays in ‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ as Sebastian McClane. HeAlso, he is a part of the cast James Franco-directorial ‘The Long Home,’ ‘The BalladOf a Hustler,’ and ’10-13’ and his involvement in these projects must be the reason behind his limited screentime in the show. EvenIf it stays the same, we can expect a surprise return of Nick.

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