Did Wayne Jenkins Actually Steal Money From a Stripper?

HBO’s ‘We Own This City’ shines aLight on Baltimore’s notorious Gun Trace Task Forceand corrupt police officers who used their position for their own gain. OverMany years and aA number of cases show how corruption has risen in the police department. ParallellyThe subsequent investigation into these officers revealed some very disturbing details about the smaller crimes they had committed under the pretense of law enforcement.

Episode 4 depicts aParticularly queasy incident Sergeant Wayne JenkinsActually steals from aStripper before driving off with his colleagues. ConsideringThe show portrays a lot of incidents that went down in real life, let’s see if this particular debacle actually happened.

What Exactly Happened Between Wayne JenkinsThe Stripper?

TheDraws from Baltimore Sun reporter Justin Fenton’s book ‘We Own This CityA True StoryOf Crime, Cops, Corruption.’ InThe author has compiled hundreds of interviews and court documents into this book. aReport detailing the troubles Baltimore Police Departmentand the corrupt officers that were part of the Gun Trace Task Force. ThusThe book and subsequent series also detail many of the smaller, more serious crimes committed by police officers.

Did Wayne Jenkins Actually Steal Money From a Stripper?
Image Credit: Baltimore Police Department/Associated Press

ThusThe incident that led to the death Sergeant Wayne Jenkins(pictured above). Gun Trace Task Force(GTTF), stole money aStripper actually happened. It happened in the spring of 2015, in the aftermath of another criminal seizure carried out in what could be called some of the criminal officers’ modus operandi. Sergeant Wayne JenkinsAlong with Detectives Marcus TaylorAnd Maurice Ward, intercepted aDrug deal at the Belvedere TowersIn BaltimoreWe seized approximately 20 to 25 pounds of marijuana, as well as $20,000 to $25,000. aSecond bag

ClaimingTo be aDEA agent JenkinsThey took the money and drugs, but not the dealers. HoweverHowever, he did state that he would be able to arrest them again in the future. JenkinsThe officers then drove to apark, where all three of them walked into aAfter leaving their cellphones and radios behind in the car, they were able to walk through wooded areas. JenkinsThey allegedly gave each $5000 to each other. TaylorAnd Ward. AccordingAccording to reports, when the latter was asked JenkinsWhat he would do about the marijuana? SergeantHe said he would blow it up.

Did Wayne Jenkins Actually Steal Money From a Stripper?

AfterwardThe three police officers then went to a strip club in Baltimore County. Here, after getting a lap dance, JenkinsAccording to some reports, he went to his car with the exact same woman and robbed him. ProsecutorsThis incident was mentioned in the indictment against JenkinsSeveral of his fellow officers. TheOf course, series are also called “series”. aThere was a small change in the events or sees JenkinsEntering aBack room with the stripper, not to his car. HoweverMany of the depictions are accurate. Wayne JenkinsStealing from aStripper is actually real.

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