Dil Awaiz Drama Cast, Who Are The Cast In Dil Awaiz Pakistani Drama?

Dil Awaiz Drama

Dil AwaizIs it a Pakistani drama by Mazhar MoinIt was aired in Geo TV. Abdullah KadwaniAnd Asad QureshiDramatize. ThePrincipal leads of this PakistaniDrama is everywhere Kinza Hashmi, Affan Waheed, Seemi Raheel, Kashif Mahmood. ItAired on May9, 2022 and telecasted on GeoTV at 9:00 P.M. MondayTo SundayYou can do this for up to a week. The concept of this drama is like a beautiful young girl living in her father’s house, and she will be treated like an orphan who eagerly wants to be loved by everyone living with her. 

Dil Awaiz Drama Cast

Kinza Hashmi Dil Awaiz
Affan Waheed Sikandar
Kashif Mehmood Shahab Uddin (Dil Awaiz ‘s father)
Sabeena Farooq N/A
Fazeela Qazi N/A
Javeria Abbasi N/A
Farhan Ali Agha N/A
Raeed N/A
Ayesha Gul N/A
Yasra Rizvi N/A
Janaan Hussain N/A
Saife Hassan N/A
Qudsia Ali N/A
Raza Zaidi N/A

Dil Awaiz Drama Cast Name

Kinza HashmiAs Dil Awaiz

KinzaIs it a Pakistani actress, and she is seen in plenty of TV serials suchAs “Rok Sako To Rok Lo” in 2018 and then “Ishq Tamasha” in 2018. currently, she is seen portraying the lead role in the drama Dil Awaiz. 

Affan Waheed as Sikandar

AffanIs it a PakistaniActor, and he has acted as an actor in dramas like Khamoshi2017 Do BolIn 2019, Mastrianni. RecentlyHe is seen in the drama Dil Awaiz. 

Kashif MehmoodAs Shahab Uddin (Dil Awaiz ‘s father)

KashifIs it a PakistaniActor and producer HeActed in Zibahkhana2007 SultanatIn 2014, Laal IshqIn 2017, he was named the leader of the Dil Awaiz serial. 

Sabeena Farooq

SabeenaIs it a PakistaniActress, and she can be seen in serials like Pyare BabaIn 2019, Dil AwaizIn 2022. 

Dil Awaiz Serial Overview

Serial  Dil Awaiz 
Director  Mazhar Moin 
Genre  Family Drama 
Producer  Abdullah Kadwani 
MainLeads  Kinza Hashmi 

Affan Waheed 

Seemi Raheel 

Kashif Mahmood 

CountryOrigin  Pakistan 
Language  Urdu 
ReleaseDate  May 6, 2022 
TelecastingTime  9:00 P.M. 
TelecastingDays  MondayTo Sunday 

Dil Awaiz Trailer 

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