Disgaea RPG Tier List for May 2022 – Top Characters Ranked

OneOne of the best mobile apps on the market today is Disgaea RPG. ThisAn interesting game was created by Boltrend Games. SinceIts release has seen a tremendous following. This is largely due the cool characters and in-game music.-Game mechanics InThis article will focus on the complete. Disgaea RPG tier list.

Complete Guide To Disgaea RPG Tier List

ThereThese are the tiers under which game characters can be grouped. TheyThe A-tier is the S tier.Tier, the C-tier and the D-tier. LetLet’s take a look at the game characters, and the tiers in which they fall. Disgaea RPG game.

Disgaea Game Characters That Are InThe S Tier

Disgaea Game Characters in S Tier

TheS tier of Disgaea RPGThe most powerful characters in the game are home. IfYou want to take on an opponent and win, so they are your go!-To Disgaea RPGCharacters for games

  1. Attired Killia
  2. Dark Santa Usalia
  3. Meliodas
  4. Elizabeth
  5. Merlin
  6. Pure Sicily
  7. Tyrant Overlord Killidia
  8. Awakened Rozalin
  9. Tyrant Valvatorez
  10. Attired Rozalin

Disgaea Game Characters That Belong To TheA Tier

The Disgaea Tier ListThese characters have a high win rate but are less strong than the S. Tier. IfYou can find more information at DisgaeaIf you’re a gamer and want to enjoy a strong team of good characters, then these A TierLevel up characters HereThe A list of game characters is available here Tier;

  1. Yukata Yukimaru
  2. Champloo
  3. Desco
  4. Asagi
  5. Attired Seraphina
  6. Valvatorez
  7. Sapphire
  8. Diane
  9. Laharl
  10. Gym Shorts Fuka
  11. Girl Laharl
  12. King
  13. Dark Artina
  14. Devil Girl Elizabeth
  15. Ban
  16. Santa Rozalin
  17. Majolene

Disgaea RPG Game Characters InB Tier List

TheB TierOf DisgaeaThe game characters consist of decent performers who are slightly less valuable than the A. Tier list. The DisgaeaThis tier lists game characters have basic skills and abilities that allow them to use their abilities correctly. However, they don’t have many tricks.

HereHere is a list of Disgaea RPGGame characters Tier B;

  1. Almaz
  2. Fenrich
  3. Majorita
  4. Mao
  5. Fuka
  6. Christo
  7. Emizel
  8. Zed
  9. Christo
  10. Yukata Valvatorez
  11. Gowther
  12. Salvatore
  13. Dark Santa Laharl
  14. Sicily
  15. Sister Artina
  16. Majin Etna
  17. Usalia
  18. Mid Boss

Game Characters Of Disgaea RPG That Belong To TierC

This TierThis list contains the most vulnerable characters in the game. ItIt is important that you note these DisgaeaCharacters don’t have any special abilities or skills. HereThis is the list of characters from this game;

  1. Red Magnus
  2. Yukimaru
  3. Rozalin
  4. Artina
  5. Bloodis
  6. Raspberyl
  7. Rainier
  8. Easter Mao
  9. Santa Usalia
  10. Bunny Seraphina
  11. Adell
  12. Killia
  13. Zeroken
  14. Gordon
  15. Jennifer
  16. Flonne(Fallen Angel)
  17. Virunga
  18. Pure Flone
  19. Noel
  20. Xenolith
  21. Barbara
  22. Axel
  23. Swimsuit Etna
  24. Etna
  25. Thursday
  26. Seraphina
  27. Hibana

Disgaea Game Characters That Belong To TierD

ThisTier of Disgaea game characters consists of characters who don’t stand much of a chance against game characters that are in higher tiers. HereHere is a list listing all characters you can find within tier D.

  1. Ayame
  2. Prinny
  3. Kurtis

WhatA Gamer StandsTO Gain By Using The Disgaea Tier List

ThereThere are some perks when you use the tier list to guide your selection of game characters in the Disgaea game. HereThese are just a few of the many benefits of using the Disgaea RPG tier list;

  • The TierList helps gamers plan effectively by assessing the strengths of their characters.
  • ItThis helps the gamer to identify the type of enemy they should be concerned about.
  • TheA list helps you to identify which type of monsters is better.

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