Do Arondir and Bronwyn End up Together in The Rings of Power?

Prime Video’s ‘The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power’ is about in a world hundreds of years earlier than the occasions of ‘The Hobbit’ and ‘LOTR’ collection. The present units up a backstory for lots of well-known characters, whereas additionally concocting new ones to serve totally different plot traces. To hold in contact with the world that Tolkien created, the present’s creators have drawn some parallels from the tales that the viewers is conversant in to those they made in the present. One of these parallels seems in the story of Arondir, an elf, and Bronwyn, a human. This elf-human love story reminds one of the well-known Aragorn and Arwen pairing in ‘The Lord of the Rings’ collection. While the latter received to be collectively, will the identical maintain true for the ‘Rings of Power’ couple? Let’s discover out.

Do Arondir and Bronwyn End Up Together?

As quickly as we uncover that one thing is happening between Arondir and Bronwyn, we additionally discover out that the character of their relationship is very forbidden. Belonging to totally different races, they’ve saved their relationship hush-hush, although not a lot that the remainder of the village already suspects it. Another cause that their love affair is frowned upon is that the individuals of Tirharad don’t like elves very a lot, and in return, elves additionally look down on them, primarily as a result of they selected to facet with Morgoth in the earlier warfare.

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Still, Arondir and Bronwyn are in love, and it doesn’t seem like they care about what others suppose. When it’s time for the elves to pack up and depart their put up in Tirharad, as a substitute of going with the remainder of the elves, Arondir goes to Bronwyn, probably to determine what to do subsequent. However, the dialogue concerning the future of their relationship is shelved when extra urgent issues emerge. Following this, each Arondir and Bronwyn land themselves in life-threatening circumstances, so it doesn’t seem like they will discuss transferring in collectively anytime quickly. We additionally know that the extent of hazard is simply going to extend, which implies that one or each of them may not come out of it alive.

The tragedy in their future can also be foretold (variety of) by one other elf, who warns Arondir that earlier such pairings have all the time ended bitterly. Take a have a look at different elf-human relationships, and other than Arwen and Aragorn, it does seem like nothing good comes out when a mortal and an immortal fall in love. The romance between the Silvan Elf Tauriel and the Dwarf Kili, in ‘The Hobbit’ movie collection, additionally ended in tragedy when the latter died through the Battle of the Five Armies. Similarly, in the tales of Tolkien, there are different mortal-immortal relations that don’t finish nicely. There is the story of Beren and Luthien, the place they each die; and Aegnor and Andreth, who regardless of being in love with one another by no means get to be collectively; and a Silvan Elf Mithrellas and Númenórean man, Imrazor, who additionally didn’t half methods in the most effective of manners.

Apart from the unhappy endings to their tales, the forbidden nature of the elf-human relationships additionally stems from the truth that they don’t actually like one another. We see that in Tirharad in addition to in the Sundering Seas when the elf Galadriel is discovered by people misplaced at sea who immediately choose her after they see her ears. Because people are nonetheless working in the direction of their standing on the social ladder, the elves are additionally fast to evaluate, particularly contemplating that elves are immortal and reside lengthy lives as in comparison with people whose life spans are sometimes only a blink of a watch for them.

It can also be tough for elves to fall in love with people as a result of of the brief life span of the latter, which implies that both the elves must grieve their associate for the remainder of eternity, or they must sacrifice their very own immortality like Arwen and Luthien did. Considering all these components, the possibilities of Bronwyn and Arondir getting a contented ending are somewhat slim. Still, we’ve got our fingers crossed.

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