Do Lena and Kalle End Up Together?

DirectedBy Per-Olav Sørensen and Emilie Beck, Netflix’s romantic film ‘Royalteen’ follows Lena and NorwegianCrown prince Karl Johan AKA Kalle, who get together when the former becomes the latter’s classmate after moving to Oslo. Lena and KalleEven when there are obstacles, they can still nurture a deep and loving relationship. Starring Ines Høysæter AssersonAs Lena and Mathias Storhøi as KalleThe Norwegian film succeeds in captivating the viewers with the depth of the two protagonists’ relationship. TheIncredible revelations end the film andEach development affects the other. Lena and Kalle’s relationship. ButIs their love able to withstand these difficulties? LetLet’s share the solution! SPOILERS BEFORE.

What Happens Between Lena and Kalle?

Lena meets KalleAfter moving to their school, she met her first teacher for the first day. OsloFrom Horten. EvenBut LenaHe is expected to be an arrogant playboy who displays his royal heritage in an unbearable way. The latter treats her with humility. TheCrown prince invites her to annual pool party, which opens the way for more meetings. HeEven takes her boating without distractions andFor the two of them, to bond, they must be able to tolerate any disturbances from their friends KalleIt’s clear that Lena that he isn’t a playboy as the media project him to be.

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KalleHe also shares his life and experiences with LenaWith patience and understanding. WhenHe incorrectly accuses her of assaulting her. He clarifies the misunderstanding maturely, rather than reacting angrily. LenaShe eventually changes her preconceived notions about it. KalleAs she realizes, he isn’t as womanizer than she thought. TheseThese factors create an admirable foundation upon which to build. Lena and KalleGrow their relationship. DuringTheir trip to the cabins KalleShe learns more about her father’s life. HeHe reveals that his virginity is revealed andHe shares how he feels pressured by her to fall in love with him, especially after hearing false gossip about his being a playboy.

LenaUnderstanding the conflict KalleConfronts andHe has the freedom to manage his own affairs. SheHe is assured that she will be there for him, despite his reservations regarding having sex. HoweverHer meeting with GuroThreatens to start Lena and Kalle’s relationship. Through Guro, Kalle’s sister MargretheFind out more Lena’s little brother TheodorHer son is actually her. SheAlso, it is important to know that LenaA video of had been leaked GuroTo have sex with someone in order to exact her revenge on the former, who began to date the boy Lena loved. Since Margrethe doesn’t want a middle-class girl in her royal brother’s life, she asks LenaTo stop seeing Kalle if she doesn’t want her secrets to destroy her life.

Royalteen Ending: Do Lena and Kalle End Up Together?

Yes, Lena and KalleThey will always be together. When MargretheIt threatens to reveal the truth Lena had done to Rugo andThe mother panics when she realizes she is pregnant. SheHad moved to OsloShe is looking for a new start in her life and Margrethe’s possible revelations will indeed kill such a start. After being a victim of her peers’ shaming while living in Horten, she doesn’t want the same to repeat at her new school. ThusShe gives up to Margrethe’s demand andStarts to avoid Kalle in return for the former’s oath to secrecy.

Do Lena and Kalle End Up Together?
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LenaTells KalleShe thinks she wants someone who can have sex and will hurt the prince. However, it doesn’t take much time for Lena to realize that she doesn’t necessarily have to be subservient to Margrethe. She “drops the bomb” herself by posting a video in which she reveals that she is the mother of Theodor. ProvingShe was wrong. Her classmates see the good news positively andShe is appreciated for having the courage to tell the truth. TheyThey also expressed their desire to spend time with them TheodorThis is what gives LenaConfidence to face Kalle.

KalleAccepts also LenaAs a mother. OnHe sings a song for her prom night. It is clear that he still loves her. KalleLove LenaWith all his heart and he doesn’t want to miss someone who can accept him for what he truly is as a person. LenaLove KalleBecause he’s an admirable and understanding human being andHe is not a prince. Since KalleHe is sure he does the same for her, and he kisses her in front all their classmates to assure him of his love. HisInteraction with LenaAlso, he is happy to accept it TheodorIn his life, too.

WhileAssuring his love Lena, Kalle makes it clear that she shouldn’t keep any secrets from him. ThusShe may even reveal to him what has happened to her Guro andShe regrets everything she did to the former. Since KalleThe goodness is everywhere LenaHe will most likely understand her better than anyone else. andThe couple may begin a new chapter in their love story without any hidden agendas.

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