Does Asli Become News Anchor?

CreatedBy Meriç Acemi, ‘As the Crow Flies’ (originally ‘Kus Uçusu’) is a Turkic original corporate thriller series that probes intoThe ever-changing nature of truth in a world governed by social media. BuildingOn the jungle metaphor, the story tells the story of a bird of prey that sees a pack of Lions before taking their prize. SheThey are caught up to them using all means possible AfterChance encounter with a well-known news anchor Lale Kiran, AsliGets a stint as an intern for the renowned news agency MON5, and she quickly rises to the top. TheStory goes haywire, with personal and professional life overlapping. But you have to be stunned after what happened in the final seconds of the first episode. IfLet’s decode this picture. SPOILERS Ahead.

AsThe Crow Flies Season 1 Recap

InA lecture session for aspiring journalists and hoaxers Asli Tuna meets Lale Kiran, the face of the news channel MON5 and the host of its TRP magnet program “The Other Side.” LaleHeads to the washroom while her assistant watches. AsliTo tell the truth, she is pregnant to share a moment with LaleIn the toilet. But Lale advises AsliRun after the news and not the anchor. ThereforeKeep her aspirations in check AsliHeads to the office of MON5. SheThis company is looking for interns. TheThe last person standing in training will be offered a spot in the team.

Although AsliDoes not have an appointment. She makes her way into the internship. WhileOther interns may speak to a subordinate member of the team. AsliDiscovers the office Muge, editor-in-chief. AfterFind out more from social media MugeWas at the Venice Film Festival, AsliFake meeting her at the festival and getting a hands-on assignment back. AsliIt takes her little time to make an impact in the organization. InIn the interim, LaleTalks to factory worker who was fired Nuri. DrunkIn a volatile state NuriOn live television, hollers a gun while KenanKeeps the camera moving. However, LaleWith a calm tone, you can bring the tension under control.

When LaleSocial media trending topics AsliThe incident was branded a publicity stunt and she spews hate on her social media handles. InIn the next episode, interns get to meet the big guns of the company. KenanProducer – a close friend Lale KiranThe star of the network is. TheyWere a thing together up until LaleTo get married SelimTwo beautiful daughters were born to her. FlashbacksName the editor-in chief Muge Lale were close friends until LaleHe became a celebrity.

Now, MugeShe doesn’t show any emotion, even though she feels like a lower-level worker at the company. TheContracts Lale KenanThe channel is about to expire. ToCEO under pressure GulTo decide, Kenan invites rival media channel owner Faruk Sirmaoglu to Lale’s party. Thetactic agitates GulMore, who reminds? LaleShe can join FarukIt was only three years later that she made the bold decision to keep the camera rolling, despite the presence a gun in her studio. Thecase against the contract.

Does Asli Become News Anchor?

GulizThe daughter of a stakeholder in the company, Alicia, is confident about her chances of landing the job. But AsliSets her up with a cameraman, and she is relieved after the leakage of her photo with him on the internet. AfterClearing the field AsliShe is now a permanent member of the organization. Meanwhile, a social media account named Busbusspreading rumors about this organization. KenanWe have a brief liaison with EdaAn employee in the office. AsliSpreads the word that the boat of Sinan BoyatliFamous actor, has been a big hit in Amalfi.

TheNews spreads like wildfire, but LaleDenies that the information was stated on camera before it is confirmed. AsliConnectivity comes to your rescue LaleThe actor assures viewers that he is fine. TheFollow the episode to sees AsliTo plot your escape Ozge, Lale’s assistant. DespiteShe is planning her wedding. OzgeAn informer agrees to provide prime-time news. OzgeYou hurry to keep the pen drive on Muge’s table and leaves.

AsliPicks up the drive right on time SheThe storage device would be thrown away. Lale’s AmericanoGetting shivers MugeThe team was asked by the administrator to verify the feed. AsliOrders her nascent love YusufTo delete the footage, YusufPulls some strings. After getting fired, OzgeHas a road accident and lands on a hospital mattress. SheWe are desperate to meet! LaleBut AsliIt does not happen. AsliStays Lale’s assistant for the time, while her jealousy reaches a zenith. DevisingA breakup between Lale Selim, AsliShe shares stories about her and Kenan. LaleThese figures AsliIt is onto something.

AsThe Crow Flies Season 1 Ending: Does Asli BecomeThe New News Anchor?

Does Asli Become News Anchor?

ForThe bulk of the initial season was completed. AsliShe viewed herself as a person who wants to be important. When LaleConfronts AsliIn the dressing area AsliClearly demonstrates her true colors. Even YusufIt is impossible to agree with Asli’s wicked ways, and AsliProgresses to have a nightly liaison with Kenan. BouncingReject the subtle rejection Lale, KenanI am only too open to a physical encounter Asli. HoweverWhen? AsliThey are considered to be a thing the next morning. KenanShe pushes her aside and even terminates their employment.

TheAfter the fight, jealousy can explode into a literal fistfight. AsliVisits LaleAt her home. WhileHe was not aware of the incident. LaleSends AsliAll rights reserved Ankaranews office as a journalist HoweverIn a bizarre twist of events, Asliis summoned to MON5 by GulWho has a proposal for? Asli. AsliSays she wants to be in Lale’s place this time around, and Gul agrees. AfterReinstatement in the company is the first step AsliDoes it make a deal with? Muge.

MugeThe person who feels neglected by the corporation is also open to joining hands with Asli. TheEditor-in Chief summons her team late at nights to the office for a secret assignment. TheNews about a mishap at the justice department could be damaging to the government, especially after the publication of an incriminating paper. HoweverWhile broadcasting the piece, LaleConfirms that the news was fake and apologizes for any inconvenience caused. SheAlso, note that certain things are about change at the office.

WhatIt is Asli’s Skill? Does Asli Choke?

Does Asli Become News Anchor?

TheFinale of the series Aslias the new news anchor. SheTakes the stage in place Lale. ItIt may seem so AsliAlthough she is not gifted, she has exceptional social engineering skills. She can enter the pores of the fabric and turn the structure on its head – which speaks a lot about the innate human urge for survival in a social Darwinist world. SheShe is a hacker and master manipulator, and when she’s not paying attention, she can play tricks to reach the top. OnOn the other hand, LaleA person who weighs her conscience and has to carry the burden of being someone in the world, must have a system around them.

As AsliFaced with the camera, she feels like she’s being hunted in a forest. Aslihe has reached the top in an unfair universe without doing much actual work and the foundations are unstable. SheYou must also feel a little guilt for not winning the race. Lale in the latter’s own home. FurthermoreShe must also feel angry, since Lale’s testimony on TV against her ten-year-old colleagues has gained her quite a few fans. ThereforeWhile LaleShe has the confidence that comes from her decorated resume. AsliNothing can stop her from fighting or fleeing instinct. ThereforeWhen the camera rolls, AsliIt becomes stiff and chokes. WhileWe are still rooting for the second season because of the cliffhanger. AsliGathers herself. ItIt will be interesting to follow the progression of Asli’s career while we are to see whether LaleShe returns to her office.

Does Lale Leave The Company?

InIt is not clear at the end if it will be. LaleCompany will be closed. HoweverAs a monologue has previously preached, the greats know when it is time to fall. LaleIn the absence of a strong support system, it is possible to predict her own downfall. KenanIn the office. AsWe already know that their contracts are nearing an end, and that renewal power is in their control. Gul. AsLions don’t fight among themselves. Gulcould get along LaleKeep her in the company. HoweverAfter the breakout, she may be promoted to a lower rank. AsliShe will be the final word in the office in her crucial role. InA third scenario could be. LaleShe may even decide to start her own company, despite all the criticisms.

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