Does Keyshawn aka Miss Mississippi Die in P-Valley?

TheSecond season of Starz’s drama series ‘P-Valley’ follows Keyshawn AKA Miss Mississippi’s efforts to mend her relationship with Derrick. SheShe tries to make him feel secure and comfortable. inShe built a career for herself by touring with them, while maintaining their relationship. Lil Murda. AsShe is a performer and becomes a celebrity, but her absence is a problem inThe house can lead to severe consequences. Derrick’s actions even end up threatening Keyshawn’s life, forcing her to consider leaving ChucalissaWith her children. InThe second season finale KeyshawnShe tries her best but fails. SoDoes that mean she might die? LetLet us know your thoughts! SPOILERS BEFORE.

Does Keyshawn Die?

No, KeyshawnIt is not dead, at least not for now. AfterFinalizing her part inThe Dirty Dozen tour, KeyshawnReturns home to find out what it is like to be a homeowner DerrickThey have been hurting their children. SheRealizing that her abusive boyfriend is her only hope, especially as her children are also suffering from his atrocities, she decides to leave him. After coming to know about her son’s injury, inflicted by DerrickShe confronts him and tells him she is leaving. Derrick, however, takes his girlfriend’s words badly as he threatens to harm her. KeyshawnShe puts her life on the line by being with them Derrick.

InThe second season finale KeyshawnHe tries to flee Derrick to save her and their kids’ lives. DerrickShe discovers the truth and creates a story that she is abusing their children. TheChild protection agency becomes involved and asks Keyshawnshe was forced to report to them every six months, ending her dream to leave. Chucalissa. She doesn’t have an option other than staying with DerrickHer life is at risk for at least six months. Still, DerrickIt may not be possible to kill her immediately. RatherIt is better to see her dead than to see her alive. DerrickHe wants her to be with Him, even if She isn’t in a cage.

IfWe may see the third season when the show is greenlit. DerrickForcing KeyshawnStay in ChucalissaHe was always there to assist. SinceParticipation is by government officials inHer life is not easy and she may not be free to leave the city. Derrick may continue to hurt her if she doesn’t comply with what he wants as well. He may consider killing her only if he realizes that there isn’t any way KeyshawnIt can be an integral part of his life. He may think that she shouldn’t be with anyone if he cannot have her inHis life. SuchA thought can ignite his viciousness and lead him to possibly murder her.

Does Keyshawn aka Miss Mississippi Die in P-Valley?

Keyshawn can save her and her kids’ lives if she acts before DerrickThis realization is possible. InShe calls the finale of the second season DiamondTo kill Derrick. Since DiamondGets taken by Big Bone Big BawseShe may need to find alternative ways to kill. Derrick. SheMay wait until DiamondReturns or seek the guidance of Uncle CliffordYou may be able arrange for someone who can help you through. Big L. Since Hailey Colton AKA Autumn NightThe disappears from ChucalissaShe may need to find an additional ally to support her.

IfNobody is willing to help. KeyshawnTo kill DerrickTo save her life, she might have to kill him. ConsideringThat Hailey’s gun is still with her, it may happen. Derrick’s actions to trap her in ChucalissaHe could cause her to kill herself for her life and her future.

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