Does Senior Year Have Mid-Credits or End-Credits Scene?

InModern filmmaking uses mid-credits and ending credits scenes for many reasons. FranchisesUse them to give the audience a hint orTwo on where the story is headed. InSome TV shows and films offer fanservice. InOthers, they are an extension of the plot and tie any loose threads. ‘Senior Year’ is a teen romantic comedy film that approaches the genre with a critical eye, underscoring its problems, though it still names the most prominent Indian-origin character “Janet Singh.”  If you are wondering whether ‘Senior Year’ has mid-credits orWe have you covered for the end-credits scenes. SPOILERS BEFORE.

Does Senior Year Have Mid-Credits or End-Credits Scene?

While ‘Senior Year’ doesn’t have an end-credits scene, it has a mid-credits scene. The film’s main plot revolves around Stephanie Conway (Angourie RiceAs a teenager Rebel WilsonAs an adult. AtThe film’s beginning StephanieShe is close to achieving everything she ever desired. SheHigh-school cheerleader who is in a relationship at school with the most popular boy. Blaine Balboa (Tyler BarnhardtAs a teenager Justin HartleyAs an adult. HoweverWhile performing a routine she sustains a brain injury. She then spends the next 20 years in a coma. WhenIn 2022, she wakes up to discover that the world has changed. StillDetermined to fulfill her dream, she returns to her high school to pursue her dream of being the prom queen. IfShe will also be able to graduate, which will be an added bonus.

TowardThe film’s final moments. StephanieShe meets the woman she idolized as a child and realizes how hollow those dreams are. InspiredThrough the encounter, she heals her relationship with everyone, even her biggest rival. She graduates from school and starts dating her friend. Seth.

Does Senior Year Have Mid-Credits or End-Credits Scene?

As the credits start rolling, “C’est La Vie” by B*WitchedPlaying begins, and various cast members appear onto the screen. ThisIncludes a scene Wilson RiceThey are both on-screen together LaterOther crew members also make appearances. InThe scene in the middle of credits Stephanie appears along with the school’s guidance counselor Mr. Tapper, or Mr. T (Brandon Scott Jones). SheShe states that she really wants college and asks Mr. T what she should do when making provocative gestures. SheFinally, she clarifies that she will do all things non-sexual. A visibly relieved Mr. T warns her that she should not ever exchange sexual favors for certain items unless she is absolutely necessary. HeHe eventually admits that he is terrible at bedtime, which seems to prompt both Wilson JonesTo break character

ThisThis is a possible set-up for a potential sequel. OverThe years have passed. NetflixThey have given greenlight to sequels to a number of their romantic comedies. If ‘Senior Year’ proves to be a success, there is a legitimate chance that we might see a sequel of it, where StephanieWill likely attend college and get involved with her usual shenanigans.

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