Driftline Activewear Shark Tank Update: Where Is Driftline Today?

‘Shark Tank‘ is a long-running reality series well-known for providing a platform for aspiring entrepreneurs and their business ideas. AfterThe contestants present their idea to a panel of investors who decide whether or not they want the product to be invested in. Season13 episode 23 features DriftlineThe company is a manufacturer of unique activewear. It aims at solving the problem of finding the right attire for watersports enthusiasts during transitions. So, if you’re curious about the productAnd want to find out more, we’ve got you covered.

Driftline: Who Are TheyAnd What Do They Do?

Driftline was founded by two friends – Wes Horbatuck and Greg Orfe – who regularly indulge in surfing. TheIdea was born during a session at one of their spots. San Diego, CaliforniaSometimes in October 2016. WhenWhen it came time to pick the right attire for surfing, they had to make a unique choice. WhileThe weather was too cold for boardhorts, but it was too warm to wear a suit.

Driftline Activewear Shark Tank Update: Where Is Driftline Today?
Image Credit: Christopher Willard/ABC

TheThis led to the development of the perfect apparel for these transitional periods. The problem wasn’t something that surfers alone faced. SwimmersWatersports enthusiasts around the world, including kayakers, wakeboarders, and wakeboarders, sought to make the transition between seasons easier with the right gear. With that, Drifties came into existence. TheyThese boardshorts are basically boardshorts with an inner lining made of wetsuit material.

ByThe best of both the worlds DriftiesIt is durable and functional, but also very comfortable. TheThe inner lining is made from neoprene approximately 0.5mm thick and provides protection against cold water, while also allowing for year-round usage. BesidesRemaining in one place DriftiesThey also prevent chafing by providing extra cushioning. DriftlineWe strive to deliver fashion with functionality. DriftiesYou can see it in the examples below.

BasedOut of San Diego, DriftlineHe has partnered up with several athletes and content producers who have had great things about it. Drifties. PeopleLike Jaden ReichlProfessional wakeboarder,. Justin GrahamAn avid watersportsman, he has been using it for many years. DriftlineFor their sporting apparel needs. MoreoverThe company produces apparel using eco-friendly products and processes. TheyA company has partnered with you TaiwanAnd VietnamIt uses energy-efficient machines.

WhereIs Driftline Now?

Driftline’s patent-pending activewear is the product of two years of hard work from WesAnd GregIt was launched in 2019. ForNow, the brand’s aquatic apparel and lifestyle line sells directly to consumers via its website. TheyYou can find lined boardshorts in many colors and patterns starting at $89 and non-lined options starting at $55. DriftlineEven T-shirts and gift vouchers are sold.

Driftline Activewear Shark Tank Update: Where Is Driftline Today?
Image Credit: DRIFTLINE/YouTube

While DriftlineOnly ships within the United StatesThe company is looking forward to expansion in the near future, but for now, it is focusing on the immediate future. TheActivewear brand featured in publications like ForbesAnd Outdoor Retailer. MoreoverIt has been a huge hit with consumers, as the wetsuit-lined boardshorts were sold out quite a few times. InEarly April 2022, DriftlineA launch party was also held for their spring collection.

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