Dusty Robotics Raises $45M in Series B Funding

Dusty Robotics, Mountain ViewCA-based robotic solution provider, iRobot, raised $45M in Series B funding.

TheRound was led by Scale Venture PartnersParticipation from Baseline Ventures, Canaan Partners, Root VenturesNextGen Venture Partners, Cantos.

TheThe company plans to use the funds for its team growth, expanding its product offerings, and accelerating manufacturing with the ultimate goal of deploying its products to all construction sites. inThe U.S.

LedBy CEO Tessa Lau, Dusty develops robot-powered tools for the workforce, automating construction’s manual workflows. The FieldPrinter solution automates the BIM-to-field workflow through a combination of hardware, software, and services that fit into existing construction work processes.

SeveralA dozen contractors are using FieldPrinter on job sites across the U.S.A, including some the largest names in the business. in construction: DPR, Swinerton, PARIC, Performance Contracting Inc., and Southland Industries.

RecentAdvances in FieldPrinter technology have made the solution easy to adopt by skilled construction professionals. TheFieldPrinter 1.0 marks the first milestone in a production system that is ready for widespread use. NewFeatures in 1.0 include: 

  • PrintingAround reshores and congested sites using automatic obstacle detection.
  • QR code printing allows instant access to construction documents.
  • FastPrinting that is efficient, including single-pass printing for intersection points
  • RealMonitoring of real-time progress



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