Ecosapiens Raises $1.5M in Funding

Ecosapiens, San FranciscoCA-based provider of a Web3/NFT Project focusing on Climate, raised $1.5M in funding.

TheRound was led By BoostParticipation from VC Slow Ventures, Menlo Ventures, CRV, Alumni Ventures Blockchain Fund, Climate Capital, Chaos Ventures, UpHonest Capital, Ben Taft’s Genius Fund, Ovo Fund.

TheThe company plans to use the funds for expansion of operations and business reach.

LedBy CEO Nihar Neelakanti, EcosapiensOffers a Web3/NFT project that allows consumers to have a positive effect on the climate. TheCompany plans to create its marquee product, which is a perpetual carbon-capture NFT.

TheIt is expected that the initial drop will offset as much as 200,000 tons of carbon by its owner. Thecollection strives to make an ongoing impact by baking in a novel “payback-to-carbon” feature inThe NFT, which allows the collection of additional carbon inThis allows you to combine future purchases with your NFTs, increasing the environmental footprint of each NFT and adding carbon to the owner. ToReward owners who buy more carbon EcosapienVisually, they will become more striking and distinctive. 

TheThe team is aiming to create a premier community of climate benefactors and ReFi leaders around its primary NFT. In the long run, the company aspires to build a full-stack tech platform that makes it “1-click” easy for consumers to make an impact on the environment.



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