Elden Ring players want Morgott, Tibia Mariner, other bosses buffed for more challenge

Elden Ring is a beautiful, brilliant game, but it’s also hella hard. AsWhile it can be difficult, some people find it manageable. players wantTo make it even more difficult through buffed-up bosses.

Reddit user Spydaa__ posed the question in a thread, asking, “WhichWhat boss do you think needs an adjustment/buff to make it work? more challenging?” TheyStart the discussion by attaching a screenshot MorgottThe Omen King, whom you’ll face before entering the endgame areas. MorgottHe fights almost the same to MargitThe Fell OmenThis makes the battle seem a little trivial for some. MorgottReceives additional votes in the thread, including a suggestion to have a double boss with his brother and him Mohg, LordThis is Blood.

OtherThese suggestions include: Tibia Mariner, whom you’ll face multiple times across The Lands Between, Lichdragon Fortissax. He’s found in the Deeproot DepthsAt the end of Fia’s quest. Some playersEven wantTo see the final boss buffedSplit into additional fights

What’s funny is that FromSoftware has made boss adjustments before, albeit unintentionally in some cases. General Radahnaccidentally nerfed while MaleniaShe experienced a healing glitch that allowed her to spontaneously recover her health. BothThese have been fixed. RadahnIncreased to full strength MaleniaShe was brought back to her normal (extremely difficult!) self. Those still looking forA greater challengeYou can view the information on your PC. Elden Ring AscendedMod, which actually makes the game more difficult.

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