Elden Ring’s Flask of Crimson Tears has been turned into a cocktail

Elden Ring hasPlenty of crafting recipes for you to track down and cook up, but what if you’re looking for some real-life recipes instead? EnterThe Flask of Crimson Tears cocktail.

RedditUser shots-by -leo shared their recipe via the popular forum. See the attached image (seen at top). ofThis article is very similar to the essential healing flask. Elden Ring. YouYou can find the complete recipe at the link. However, for quick reference, you will need water and sugar, edible roses lemon juice, blood orange juice, lemon juice, and gin to make this craft. cocktail. Some ofAlthough the ingredients may seem strange at first glance, the end result is quite beautiful. Considering how beautiful the game is, that shouldn’t be a surprise.

AsFor the in-game Flask of Crimson TearsThe drink is vital as it can help you restore both hit points or magic power, depending on how it is allocated. FindingAll the Golden SeedsIt is also important to upgrade the Sacred FlasksThe more seeds you have, the more you can use them. of the flask you’ll get. ThisThis is in addition to the single shot Flask of Wondrous PhysickThis can activate aVariety of effects depending on your recipe.

Speaking ofThere are many recipes. aFew official video game cookbooks are available. The WitcherThis cookbook contains 3 recipes October, and HaloThe cookbook arrives before the in August. HopefullyThe former hasBetter recipes than Steve Downes’ Master Chief Chili.

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