ERON Project is launching ERONbit Exchange, a unique HEX

ERON Project has been around since the beginning of 2021. Although ERON isIt creates its own blockchain and focuses its attention on it launchingApps that are tailored to the needs of their users ERON isAlso aCharity project that uses up to 50% profit to help underdeveloped countries of the globe.

WhileIts creation ERONecosystem, the group isMaking multiple apps with unique features.

ERON MinerThat isAvailable for purchase at the moment Windows OS, is a “fair” miner that uses less than 1% of the device resources. ItIt can be used with any type of computer running Windows OS, as it doesn’t need huge computing power. UsersEarn 1 ERON/hour mining and 20% of current mining rate for each person. isThey can also mine in their direct downline.

ERON Wallet isApp that will be launched in both centralized and decentralized versions. UsersYou will be able use Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Solana, Avalanche ERONBlockchains are the beginning. They will be able import any token contract within the framework. Wallet. TheIt will be used in a central version a uniqueSecurity feature through aDigital signatures for each user, thereby bringing about aA new level of protection against hacks and attacks

ERON Pay isThe ecosystem’s payment processor, and in addition to the obvious FIAT/crypto and vice versa conversions it will also offer its users the opportunity to have a MastercardOr VisaUsers will be able to link their cards to their wallets, making spending crypto in real-life easier.

TheApp to be launched May 28th, 2022 (20:00 EEST) is ERONbitThe exchange platform of ERON blockchain.

WhatSets apart ERONbitFrom other exchanges isIt is. is aPlatform that integrates a CEX, aDEX, an NFT Minting Module Marketplace, a LaunchpadNew coins and a B2C Marketplace.

With aLots of uniqueFeatures ERONbitPlans to attract aYou can also give them to many more people aReferral system where they can passively earn by having a downline.

BecauseThe team is aware that the native currency of aBlockchain must be there uniqueIt also has several other features. aPaying system ERONbitFor users who pay using, there are lower fees ERON, aTo reward its users, staking module aPlan to capitalize on the value ERONWithin the next few years, up to 25% of company profits will be used to buy back the coin.

ForNow, the ERONcoin isListed on Bitmart and they have their charts on several important platforms such as Binance,, Coinmarketcap and Coingecko.



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