Evil Dead: The Game exact release time, preload date, and file size

AfterYears of development and a lengthy marketing campaign banking on Bruce Campbell’s star power, Evil Dead: The GameYou are just around the corner andGet ready to gore the asymmetrical scene of PvP andFunny one-liners Evil Dead: The GameWill releaseThis Friday, May13, for PC, 4 and 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch. OnThe PC version of the game will only be made available through the Epic Games Store. HereThis is everything you need to learn about Evil Dead: The GameOn releaseDay, including the exact release time, andThe preloadDate and file size.

PreloadDate and file size

IfYou have pre-ordered Evil Dead: The GamePreloading can be started on May 11. The preloadOnly 4.966GB in file size, but the game’s total sizeIt will be much greater. ExpectIt’s a big patch release day.

ReleaseDate andTimes

Evil Dead: The GameThe following releases are available May13 simultaneously worldwide (andThis is supposedly true for all platforms. The exact releaseTime for Evil Dead: The GameIs 7 AM PST, 10 AM EST, and 3 PM BST.

TheGame pulls inspiration andContent from all parts of this site Evil Dead franchise andIt is richly rooted in references to the source material. It’s also going for a live service model, which means we can expect future DLC to deliver playable content regularly.

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