Find Out What Country Your iPhone Was Manufactured In (2022)

It is essential to know what nation your iPhone was manufactured in. Because Apple manufactures iPhones with slight {hardware} variations in response to the international locations’ authorities necessities. You will know many fascinating details about your iPhone as soon as you understand the place it was made. 

Before attending to know which nation your iPhone was manufactured in, you need to perceive that the variations in {hardware} should not enormous. They are very refined variations. So, they are going to work positive on networks of the nation they’re manufactured for and in lots of different international locations. Although they won’t work in some international locations and their networks. 

Step-by-step Process to Find Out What Country Your iPhone was Manufactured

The course of to search out out what nation your iPhone was manufactured in may be very easy. Let’s see how we will discover that.

  1. On your iPhone, open Settings.
  2. Select General.
  3. Select About
  4. Next to the mannequin quantity, you will discover two letters earlier than the slash (/).
  5. Match these letters to the nation codes within the desk under. 

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Country Code Manufacturing Origin
A Canada
AB Egypt, Jordan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE
B Ireland, UK
BG Bulgaria
BR Brazil
BZ Brazil
C Canada
CH China
CI Paraguay
CM Croatia, Hungary
CR Croatia
CS Czech Republic, Slovakia
CN Slovakia
CZ Czech Republic
D, DM Germany
DN Austria, Germany, Netherlands
E Mexico
EE Estonia
EL Estonia, Latvia
ER Ireland
ET Estonia
F France
FB France, Luxembourg
FD Austria, Liechtenstein, Switzerland
FS Finland
GB Greece
GH Hungary
GP Portugal
GR Greece
HB Israel
HC Hungary, Bulgaria
IN India
IP Italy
J, JP Japan
IP Italy, Portugal
ID Indonesia
Okay Sweden
KH China, South Korea
KN Denmark, Norway
KS Finland, Sweden
LA Barbados, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, Puerto Rico
LE Argentina
LL United States
LP Poland
LT Lithuania
LV Latvia
LZ Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay
MG Hungary
MM Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro
MY Malaysia
ND Netherlands
NF Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Portugal
PK Poland, Finland
PL, PM Poland
PO Portugal
PP Republic of the Philippines
PY Spain
QB Russia
QN Denmark, Iceland, Norway, Sweden
QL Italy, Portugal, Spain
RO Romania
RP Russia
RR Moldova, Russia
RS, RU Russia
RM Kazakhstan, Russia
RK Kazakhstan
SE Serbia
SL Slovakia
SO South Africa
SU Ukraine
T Italy
TA Taiwan
TH Thailand
TU Turkey
TY Italy
VN Vietnam
X Australia, New Zealand
Y Spain
ZA Singapore
ZD Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands, Switzerland
ZG Denmark
ZP Hong Kong, Macau
ZQ Jamaica

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How to Find Out What Country Your iPhone Was Manufactured In

If you’re a visible learner, watch this video to determine what nation your iPhone was manufactured in.

Wrapping Up

Now that you understand what nation your iPhone was manufactured in, you’ll find out in case your iPhone which was manufactured, for example, within the USA, will work in different international locations’ networks. You also can discover out which international locations your iPhone gained’t work in. The desk above is all you want. If you’re happy with this write-up, don’t neglect to put in writing to us! Ciao!

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