Fortnite: How And Where To Plant or Summon Reality Saplings Seeds Using Reality Seeds Locations

HereWhat to plant and where? orsummons Reality SaplingsUse Reality SeedsIn Fortnite Battle Royale.

Chapter 3, Season3 is finally available FortniteYou can play at any time. ThereMany new mechanics have been added to the game. For example, you can ride certain animals such as the BoarsAnd Wolves. WhenIf you’re riding an animal, you can equip your weapon and shoot at enemy horses, provided they don’t kill the animal.

TheChallenges for Week One FortniteThey are also alive and you will need to complete one of the challenges: to plant orsummons Reality SaplingsUse Reality SeedsThis post will tell you where to find them and what to do to complete the challenge.

Fortnite Reality Seed

WhereTo Plant or Summon Reality Saplings Using Reality SeedsIn Fortnite

OneSome of the new items that were added in FortniteFor Chapter 3, Season3 is the best Reality SaplingsYou can only find it in one place. FirstYou must land at the new POI. Reality FallsIt is located west of Tilted Towers.

OnceYou will need to position your body on the root so that you can see the seed pod. YouTo release the seeds, you will need to destroy the pod. Reality Seeds inside. HereThis is how the seed pod looks:

Fortnite Seed Pod
Fortnite Seed Pod

OnceOnce you have broken the seed pod you will be able to see. Reality SeedsShoot in the sky from the pod. ThereThere are three pods that are released. Be sure to keep an eye out for them, as they will land at different locations. OnceIf you live close enough to one, it will be possible to pick it up.

Fortnite Reality Sampling
Fortnite Reality Seed

Once you have picked up the seed, all  you need to do is equip it and throw it in a place it can be thrown to complete part of the challenge. YouYou will need to complete this challenge two more times to earn 15,000 XP. ItYou can complete the challenge in one match. However, it does drop three seed seeds. There are many players currently completing the challenge so you may need multiple matches.

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