Fortnite Season 2 Live End Event ‘Collision’ – Date, Time, Free Cosmetics and More

HereThis is all we know about the live event that will take place at the end Chapter 3, Season 2In Fortnite Battle Royale.

UsuallyAt the end of each season Fortnite Battle RoyaleA live event is an event that players can experience in-game at the same time. It is related to the storyline. TheEvents have historically taken place on a SundayThis is often at a time when most players around the world should be able log-in to see the event.

Epic GamesYou are well-known for being the best at pulling off in-game events andPlayers expect a live event at season’s end, as it has been for many seasons. It was disappointing that there wasn’t one last season. ThereMany dataminers have mentioned that there should be an event for this season. This has been confirmed by Epic Games themselves! HereThis is all we know so far.

Fortnite Mecha Bot SetTo Return

Fortnite Season 2 Live Event Date and Time

The name of the event is called ‘Collision’ andIt has been confirmed that it will take place on June 4th, 2022. TheIt will take place in the following time zones:

  • 9pm BST
  • 4pm EDT
  • 3:00 PM CDT
  • 2pm MDT
  • 8pm UTC
  • 10pm CEST
  • 4am CSTJune 5th)
  • 6am AESTJune 5th)
  • 8am NZSTJune 5th)
Fortnite Collision Season 4 Live Event
Fortnite Collision Season 4 Live Event

TheEvent will only take place once and will not be available in replay mode after the event, so make sure you record it whilst it’s taking place. TheYou will need to have four people for this event andThe CollisionA playlist will be available in Fortnite30 minutes prior to the event’s scheduled start. WeWe recommend that your log-in be done at least one hour before the event, as servers can get very busy!

Free Fortnite Cosmetic Rewards

ThereThere are also cosmetic rewards that you can get if you log in the day before the event. These include a loading screen and a lobby track.

WhatWe know for certain that the event took place. MechaThis event will see bot return. If you don’t know what the Mecha BotIt was the robot that destroyed it. Monster (Cattus) in the live event for season 9. AfterThis event is the start of the new season. Fortnite Chapter 3, Season3 should be started, which will likely have some downtime.

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