Fortnite Update 20.40 Today 3.56 Early Patch Notes – May 17 2022

There’s a new FortniteUpdate today 20.40 (3.56). HereThese are the first patch notes for the upcoming release.

We’re almost near the end of FortniteChapter 3 season 2 with the current episode set to end at the beginning of June.

We’ve had three major FortniteThe updates this season so far have been rather lackluster. However, there’s one final update that’ll release before the season concludes.

20.40 Fortnite Update Patch Notes

Epic GamesAnnounced that the final FortniteUpdate of the Season 20.40Today’s release will be (3.36) ThanksData miners can tell us some of the content that we can expect.

HereThese are our early patch notes to the May 17th, 2022Update patch

Fortnite Patch Notes May 17, 2022

Epic GamesWe have already announced that the v20.40 update will include support to the Fortnite (*17*) Wallet. Any V-BucksPurchases made on PlayStation can be used across platforms that support this feature.

The battle for key locations on the map will likely continue tomorrow, and hopefully, we’ll see event files added in 3.56. If there aren’t any event files added in the patch, there’s no chance we’ll be getting a live event to conclude the season.

Fortnite Star Wars Obi-Wan Kenobi Skin

IfIf there is an event, we can expect a Doomsday Deviceto be added to the files together with the Shadow BombBeing unvaulted, Anime LegendsPack could be released, and Ali-A ICON cosmetics is being added to the files and ready for release Thursday, and Obi-Wan Kenobi collaboration.

Lightsabers will finally be removed from the game with the new release, and there’s always the chance that Epic GamesUse that to release a Lightsaber PickaxeIt was the first time that I had done this. Darth VaderIt is confirmed that the announcement will be made in the Battle Pass next season, it seems we won’t have to wait long for that to become a reality.

We’ll update this post with a link to the official patch notes as soon as Epic GamesRelease them BeKeep checking back soon after the servers go down to maintenance.

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