Fortnite Update Today 21.00 Early Patch Notes – June 5, 2022 When Will Fortnite Be Back Up

There’s a new FortniteUpdated today, v21.00 HereThese are the patch notes from the early patches June 5th, 2022 release.

WeThe final update was published on FortniteChapter 3 season 2 was published a few weeks back. InThe event files were also updated. TheEvent, also known as CollisionThe second season of the chapter ended with the conclusion of the episode.

Once the event ended, players were greeted by the “to be continued” loading screen that we’ve seen Epic GamesAfter a live event, you may have deployed on multiple occasions.

ShortlyAfter the event, EpicA link was posted to a site. Fortnite lookbook. TheSite reveals three episodes of the season 3 chapter 3 Battle Pass skins. WeKnow what the Darth VaderIt will look just like the other skins. Battle PassIncluded Indiana Jones.

PlayersHave been waiting for a Tweet from the official Fortnite StatusYou can confirm the new season update by logging into your account 21.00Will release. Unfortunately, they haven’t announced when the new FortniteUpdate will go live.

21.00 June 5th, 2022 Fortnite Update Patch Notes

The Fortnite Status Twitter account hasn’t tweeted announcing that the servers will go down, but we expected them to at 3 or 4 AM ET.. Although there’s been no announcement, the servers are now down


When a new season launches, we usually don’t know much information regarding what it’ll have to offer. HoweverLeakers have already managed information on the third season of chapter 3.

AccordingTo popular data miner Hypex, BallersWe will be making a comeback. We’re not sure if they’ll be added at the start of the season or in one of the major or content updates.

ThereIt will be a Darth VaderNPC to be found on the map near a crashed ship. Rideable RaptorsWild Boars could be a feature, but that hasn’t been confirmed by more trustworthy leakers just yet.

WeThe starter pack for the next season is also available. Rogue AliasIt will include the Min-Joon skin. Apart from that, we’ll need to wait until the official patch notes are released at which point we’ll update this with everything new the season has to offer.

WhenThe following are the FortniteServers going back up?

The FortniteServers should be available for backup immediately Sunday, June 5th, 2022At approximately 11 AM BST/ 6 AM ET

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