Fortnite Update Today 3.57 Patch Notes – What’s New in May 20, 2022 Release

Epic GamesHave released a brand-new FortniteToday’s update 3.57. HereThese are the May 20th, 2022Patch notes.

On Tuesday, Epic Games20.40 was the last patch update for the season. There wasn’t anything new that was added toThe game, however, there were a couple of weapons that returned to the loot pool.

Both the Sideways RifleAnd Sideways Minigunwere not lowered until May 24th, 2022. With Cube Monster PartsIt is no longer possible inThe game allows players to upgrade their weapons by heading to an upgraded bench.

Sideways Fortnite

ThereAnother round of funding gave players the opportunity to spend gold bars in order to fund the item that they desired to see return to the game. TheThere were many options Shield BubblesAnd Balloons, with the latter being 100% financed yesterday.

There wasn’t a new FortniteUpdate expected to be released until the new season, chapter 3. However, Epic GamesIt was announced that a new downloadable version was being released.

3.57 May 20 Fortnite Update Patch Notes

The Fortnite Status Twitteraccount tweeted about a new maintenance FortniteUpdate for PC, PS4, PS5, and PS5 Nintendo Switch, Android devices.

As expected, there’s no new content inThe new patch is available as a downloadable file, but there are still many things to look forward too before the season ends. An Obi-Wan KanobiThis season, skin should be shed.

Fortnite Update 3.57 Patch Notes

According to data miners, we should also be getting a live event to cap off the season, which makes sense considering there’s a massive dooms day device located near Tilted Towers.

Data miners don’t leak anything related to events, but a couple of hours before a scheduled event, the files are decrypted and some data miners with a smaller following on social media will leak whatever they can. When it draws closer to the event which we don’t have a confirmed start time for, we’d recommend staying off social media, Twitter in particular.

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