Found or Missing? Is She Dead or Alive?

Alexis WareIt appeared that she had an ordinary day before she suddenly drove off in her car, never to be seen again. TheMother of two vanished without a trace. Since then, loved ones and authorities have been searching for her. TheFifth episode of NBC News’ ‘Dateline: MissingIn America’ podcast explores what happened in the time leading upTo Alexis’ disappearance and provides updates regarding the case. So, if you’re curious to know more, we’ve got you covered.

What Happened to Alexis Ware?

AlexisGrowing up in a large family, I was always there to help people in need. SheI was a hairdresser who owned a home studio. I loved fashion and makeup. AtThe incident time AlexisShe was 29 years old, and had a 9 year-old daughter and a son of 2 years. SheHer social media presence was significant and everything seemed to be going her direction until that fateful evening of 2022.

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At around 7:30 PM on January 30, 2022, Alexis met TJ PattersonHer father, the father of her child, at a station by a highway. Anderson County, South Carolina. She handed the kids over to TJ, and the plan was to follow him to his mother’s house. HoweverAt a red flash, AlexisJust took off and made a sharp left. TJ tried calling her but couldn’t reach her. HeThen it was called Alexis’ mother, Alberta Gray, who tried to reach her daughter as well. HoweverIt was sent straight to voicemail.

Is Alexis Ware Dead or Alive?

On February 1, 2022, Alexis’ worried sister reported her missing. AlbertaIt was unusual, I thought. AlexisTo suddenly disappear without coming back for her children orContact her family. ApartThat’s it! AlexisHer hair salon was a success with clients from all over the country. Greenville, South Carolina, home. So, Alberta suspected foul play, adding, “She is labeled as a missing person, but we believe she has been kidnapped.”

Found or Missing? Is She Dead or Alive?
Image CreditNBC News/Travis Ware

However, the investigation revealed that all wasn’t right with AlexisDuring the period leading up to her disappearance. SheSpend time with her family over the weekend JanuaryBut AlbertaIt was like something was off. She said, “It wasn’t the Alexis that we’re used to. I knew that something was going on with her — something was freaking her out. She — she said stuff like she didn’t feel like she was gonna make it to see her birthday.” NotJust that, her brother. TravisThat was also mentioned. AlexisBefore she deleted them, she uploaded some strange social media posts.

Furthermore, the day prior to her disappearance. AlexisDiscussed with her mother about being observed. ThenThe next day, she mentioned that she saw a black truck outside her apartment. This prompted her to call the police. The authorities found Alexis’ car on a rural road in McCormick, South CarolinaOn February2, 2022, approximately 70 miles from the last time she was seen. SurveillanceVideos revealed that the car was located in an apartment complex. Anderson, South Carolina, and later in Augusta, GeorgiaOn January 30.

ThePolice found Alexis’ purse, her phone, her daughter’s phone, and her identification. TheyThe family believed that the hair bonnet was evidence of a struggle and had also found it near the car. The family searched the area but found no trace. AlexisHowever, sightings of her have been reported in the years since her disappearance. Greenville Lexington CountiesIn South Carolina. The family has maintained that she didn’t have ties to McCormick, where the car was found.

For now, AlexisThe missing person remains unaccounted for, and authorities maintain that they have pursued every avenue to find her. ApartThe FBI has been supporting the investigation, thanks to the reward offered by the family. Alberta said, “I don’t think it’s just as simple as being missing. I feel like some people. orBecause this is not something that has ever happened, it is possible that someone is involved in her disappearance. I just feel like it is something going on, some foul play’s involved because there’s nothing -– there’s nothing that would keep her from coming homeTo her kids. Nothing.”

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