Frozen leviathan – Finding and Curing the Frozen Leviathan – Below Zero

Curing the Frozen leviathanIt can be difficult. That is why most players leave. andLearn how to do it. TheThis article aims to inform the reader about how to find this information. andCure leviathanIn thegame.

The game Below ZeroA concept has been in theGame plot: Players are stranded on an unknown planet 4546B. Game characters are stranded on a planet that they don’t know anything about.  On theThere are a few game challenges that can be completed on Planet. thePlayer would go through. andOne of them is to search the Frozen Leviathan andCure it Kharaa.

FirstStart with BuilidingYou can find more information at Snowfox

TheGamers would find it very easy to navigate theIf they use a snowfox, snowy terrain can be made. The Snow fox in theGame is a simple glider that can also be used on the ground.

YouYou would find one fragment in the Margueritesseabase andThere are two other fragments, which is the Hoverpad and the Phi Robotics Landing pad.

To get the Hoverpad FragmentYou would need to go inside. the Phi Robotics center. AlsoIn the Phi RoboticsYou would find the center. the PhiRobotic landing pad for when you enter andTurn to your left.

Sometimes, theFragaments can spontaneously spawn in corners and rocks nearby andCrevices the game.  If theGamers should be looking for theYou can find fragments here the Marguerites seabase, thePlayer would only need two more to make the snowfox.

TheA ladder would be available to a game player. the game character can use to descend. ThereThese are parts for making a snowfox glider, which could be used for cruise. the planet.

ForTo make a perfect snowfox gilder you will need a battery, lubricant and two magnetite. and titanium. MagnetiteThey can be found in certain biomes. theIt is easiest to find it by going in theLarge glaciers in the Artic.

HowTo get the Kharaa AntidoteFor Curing the Frozen Leviathan

ToBe able to cure theHuge frozen leviathanWithout any prior knowledge theIt can be very difficult to deal with disease.  Although the Below ZeroIn game, there is no in-Game map theThe player would need to locate theLocalization the LeviathanThis is frozen.

For theGamer to be in a position to locate theFreezing leviathanThey would first need to construct a spy pengline andThe spy pengling remote is now available. The Kharaa AntidoteIn theHidden in a small cave is the game.

HowA player can create a Spy Pengling

ToBe able to create a spypengling theYou would need to put together the game theThese are the items you can get at a fabricator: 2x Titanium, 1x Silicone Rubber, 11x battery, and a wiring kit.

ToBe able to create a spypengling remote theGamer would now have to combine theBelow-List items in a fabricator

1x Titanium
1x Copper Wire

NowEverything is complete. Here’s how to find it. Kharaa AntidoteIn the game.

Where theA player can search the Kharaa Antidote

The Kharaa antidote for curing theFreezing leviathanIt is located at theBasin portion of the Glacial basin. IfIf you are a PC Gamer, theTo locate the following coordinates, you can use the following coordinates the Kharaa AntidoteFor curing the Frozen Leviathan:

ForIt is a completely different scenario for a console gamer. andInvolve thePlayer going through theEntrance to the Phi Robotics center. ThenAfter that, descend to theTo its west, the icy valley. AfterwardThey would have to reach theSnow stalker nest. TheCave where theAntidote can be found in this area.

A new KharaaAntidote can be made if thePlayer loses theirs WhenThey get theAntidote, they could unlock its recipe which includes 1x fevered pepper and 1 frost vase plant.

HowTo Find the Frozen Leviathan Location

ToYou will be able to locate thePlace where theFreezing leviathanAlthough it may sound easy, most people find it difficult. theIt takes time.

The Frozen leviathanIn theIt’s not too far from game thePlace where you found it the Kharaa Antidote. ItAlso, you can find them in the glacial basin. YouYou can find the Phi Excavationsite that should not be confused the Phi RoboticsThis was already mentioned in the center.

TheCoordinates theLocation are:

For thePlayer to Find thephi Excavationsite, they would have to go to theThe northwest portion theGlacial basin until they reach the glacial forest. AfterwardsYou would then go down to theYou will continue to the northwest until you reach a narrow route that is marked with lightsticks. ThisWould now lead the below zero gamer to thePlace where theFreezing leviathanIs located.

WhenTo get there, you just need to take an elevator andGo up to theLeviathans head andNow insert the AntidoteAn injection machine. ThisIs theEnd of the quest.  I hope this guide helps you locate the right place. theFreezing leviathan andIt can be treated.

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