Fullmetal Alchemist The Revenge of Scar Ending, Explained

‘Fullmetal AlchemistThe Revenge of Scar’ is a JapaneseScience fantasy action film co-written and directed. Fumihiko Sori. A sequel to the 2017 movie titled ‘Fullmetal Alchemist,’ it follows EdwardWho continues to look for a way? Alphonse’s body back. However, ElricBrothers are shocked to hear about a serial killer who targets state alchemists and seems to have a deep-rooted grudge against them. ButThe indiscriminate murder is the reason ofTop officials are told a dark secret which shocks the public ElricsThey and their friends. Here’s everything you need to know aboutThe ending of ‘Fullmetal Alchemist the Revenge of Scar.’ SPOILERS AHEAD!

Fullmetal Alchemist The Revenge of Scar Plot Summary

WhileWalking around the city, you will find the SilverAn alchemist is confronted with an IshvalanMonk warrior who challenges him in a fight. TheState alchemist naturally feels confident about winning but is quickly defeated and then drowned by the nearby river. SoonThe news ofA serial killer merciless and determined who targets state alchemists reaches high-ranking officials Roy Mustang. MeanwhileThe ElricA group of men attacks brothers on a train and assaults them of bandits. TheyJust met Ling YaoHe and his companions, who arrived in AmestrisFrom the eastern nation of XingSearch ofIt is the key to immortality.

TheBandits had plans to kidnap the top. AmestrisOfficial but not the ElricsLater, you will find out. Fuhrer King BradleyThey were actually on the train together. Luckily, EdwardHe stopped the train safely, saving everyone, after discovering that the breaks weren’t working properly. Soon afterward, Roy MustangTells ElricsAbout the mysterious serial killer who left a scar on his famous victim, who was killing state alchemists. HeAlso, it explains that the murderer is actually an IshvalanA warrior monk who seeks revenge. SometimeIn the past, an IshvalanAn accidental killing of a child by an AmestrisAfter that, a rebellion broke out that culminated with a civil war lasting seven years.

When King Bradleysent state alchemists into the crush of the IshvalanUprising, many people ofThe ethnic group died. Although RoySympathizes with serial killer EdwardFeels infuriated at the loss of innocent lives. TheTwo brothers are later attacked ScarHe manages to escape but they manage him RoyHis men intervene. Since Edwards’ automail arm is broken in the fight, he goes to his village to get it fixed by Winry. ThereHe meets his father and learns later that the country is facing a dark future. FollowingHe gave a hint. EdwardVisits XerxesWhere he meets Ishvalan survivors ofThe Civil war. HeIt was also discovered that Winry’s parents were probably killed by Scar.

When ScarA few days later, the brothers were attacked by their attackers. Edward’s suspicions are verified by the tattoos on his arm. WhenHe tries to confront ScarAbout the unforgivable offense Winry accidentally learns about her parent’s tragic death. Meanwhile, LingThe fight between him and his companions King BradleyThese are the two homunculi. AfterOne of Ling’s bodyguards manages to fool Bradley, LingCatchings GluttonyAnd he is placed in a net. Meanwhile, ScarEscapes with MayOne thing, another XingNational just like Ling.

Fullmetal Alchemist The Revenge of Scar Ending, Explained

LaterThat night, the ElricsLearn more LingArrived in AmestrisSo he can get his hands upon the secrets ofimmortality and can use these for his political ambitions. MayHe shares the same goals as him. AlphonseSecretly follows her and learns about it Scar’s hideout. TheLater, brothers manage to capture the throne IshvalanAfter which, warrior monk can be captured and even captured. WinryHe confronts him about his crime. JustIt seems that everything is falling into its place. GluttonyThe person who has escaped arrives with them EnvyA fight ensues. UnfortunatelyAs GluttonyTry to eat LingHe accidentally ends up eating the food EnvyAnd EdwardYou can also find them here.

Fullmetal AlchemistThe Revenge of Scar Ending: WhatThe Real Goal ofThe Ishval Civil War?

AsAs mentioned, the political circumstances between the people were discussed earlier. of IshvalThe central government of Amestris were always quite unstable. TheConflicts between the two were always caused by religious and cultural differences. However, after IshvalanThe land fell into the hands of the settlers ofThe Amsterisgovernment, there was a time ofrelative peace – which ended after the allegedly accidental murder ofAn IshvalanChild by an Amsterian soldier.

AlthoughThe Ishvalan Civil Warand the subsequent genocide ofThe people appear to be victims of an unfortunate accident that was unplanned. There is a sinister plot behind the horrific event. TheUnknown AmestrianThe soldier who shot the IshvalanThe child was actually EnvyThe homunculi. TheThe genocide was planned many years in advance by the Father. InTo become the ultimate being, FatherIt was necessary to do a lot. ofFuel and the lives ofMany people seemed like the best choice.

Fullmetal Alchemist The Revenge of Scar Ending, Explained

ThereforeHe was the first to place homunculi into different positions ofThe central government has power of Amestris. OnceHe could use them to exert political influence, which he did. AmestrisThe country was absorbed into the nearby areas and many genocides were planned over the centuries. TheFather was slowly building a large transmutation circle around himself. AmestrisThat will eventually be used to grant him power ofHe is a supreme being he intends to become.

The IshvalanBecause their region was exactly in the middle, genocide took place ofOne ofThe key points ofThis huge transmutation cycle. SoThe lives of others ofThe countless IshvalanMen, women, children and grandchildren were, in a sense a sacrifice that would eventually aid the FatherHis twisted goals will be achieved.

WhatThe Portal of Truth?

The portal of TruthAlso known as the Gate of AlchemyOr simply the GateThis is a metaphysical entrance that serves as the gateway to God’s domain and is also the source ofAll alchemical knowledge. ItIt may look normal when closed, but it opens up to the dimension. ofInformation that is beyond the human mind’s comprehension This dimension ofInformation is often manifested as a formless void in which a metaphysical being is named TruthAnyone who tries to commit the sin is confronted of Human Transmutation. AfterThe confrontation, Portal of TruthDraws the sinner in following which all knowledge ofThe world and alchemy are revealed to them until they eventually fall apart both mentally as well as physically.

What HappensTo Ling, Edward, Envy After They Are Eaten By Gluttony? Will They Die?

After Ling, Edward, EnvyThey are accidentally eaten by Gluttony, AlphonseThe homunculi is threatened to give his brother back. Unfortunately, GluttonyEven if he wanted, he cannot do it. He immediately enters a state. of deep sleep. Meanwhile, Ling, Edward, EnvyYou are able to meet up supposedly in Gluttony’s stomach. When EnvyIs being pestered by EdwardThe homunculi reveal that the homunculi are stuck forever and will eventually die.

Fullmetal Alchemist The Revenge of Scar Ending, Explained

Gluttony’s stomach is actually the Father’s attempt to recreate the Portal of Truth. UnfortunatelyHis experiment was unsuccessful, and he ended creating a reality without any realizing it. Edward, Ling, EnvyYou are now stuck. AlthoughThe movie ends without any information about their fate. However, the manga clearly states that the trio will eventually escape. ofThere is life.

WhoThe Father?

Fatheris the oldest homunculus that directly (and in some cases indirectly) created the rest ofThe HomunculiBy purging himself ofAll vices. HeIt was born from the essence ofThe Eye of GodIt was mixed with some of Hohenheim’s blood. SinceHe is above human vices FatherOver time, it becomes very stoic and boring. HisThe pursuit of happiness is the primary goal ofPerfection is what he seeks to achieve in order to be superior to the human race.

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