Game director Naoki Yoshida formally addresses Square Enix’s stance on third-party tools in Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIVJust finished its latest unofficial first race in the world for the Dragonsong’s Reprise Ultimate raid. ThisCombat is currently one the most difficult pieces in content. inMany players are questioning the use of the MMO and the MMO itself. third-party toolsMods inIt was the reason that the game became so popular. Game directorProducer Naoki YoshidaAn official statement clarifying the use of such has been published tools inRecent news updates

FormallyThe use of all third-party toolsThey are explicitly banned in Final Fantasy XIV. HoweverSome mods are more bangable that others. In fact, YoshidaThe claim is that it is impossible for anyone to define every tool that has been deemed unsuitable. HereThese are the priority categories for investigation:

  • UseOf toolsThis allows players to complete content more quickly.
  • ModificationUse the UI to display additional information.
  • UsePacket spoofing tools.
  • AnyPublic statements and actions that promote the use of third-party tools.

YoshidaIt is clear that third-party toolsThey are usually used to enhance the HUD/UI. in-Game displays lack something. Developers will continue to discourage their usage by improving the functionality of HUD. ModsHowever, hacking and manipulating the game to gain advantages can be traced inThe system logs and methods are inPlace to take action against cheaters

ReportingThese activities are what allow accounts to be discovered inviolation and most players who utilize third-party tools that don’t affect gameplay have taken a “just don’t talk about it” approach. AccountsThey are deemed to have been inA violation will usually result in a temporary ban, before a permanent one. It is not wise, but it does eventually fall. onThe player must decide if it is worth taking the risk.

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