Games Inbox: The worst video game ever, PS Plus vs. Switch Online and Monkey Island: The Movie

Sonic The Hedgehog 2006
The worstYou can find the worst? (pic: Sega)

The Thursdayletters page lays out its hopes and dreams for the future Dino CrisisAs one reader abandons their plans, another reader will also give up trying World Of Warcraft.

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AdjustingFor excuses
I’m curious to know whether the reappearance of Sonic06 is a mistake SegaThey have the ability to sell anything with the idea that the movies are now big hits. Sonic The HedgehogName it. EitherThis could be true, but it raises the question as to whether it is. worst gameWhether you want to. It’s certainly up there, as far as I’m concerned, as apart from its design the performance is also terrible, with constant loading pauses that make it unbearable within just minutes.

I’ve been thinking of what the other contenders are andThey are mostly from the 90s during the early days 3D. I would say that the likes Superman 64 and Bubsy3D games are worse than 2D, but they still have the advantage of early tech. andInexperienced teams can get low budgets.

Sonic 06 has no excuse. ItWas Sega’s big attempt to reboot the series andThis was by Sonic Team, who really should’ve known better. ForMy money, adjusting everything to make excuses it is worst. AlthoughI would be open to an argument for Sonic BoomYou can also find them here.

I don’t think that reader yesterday was wrong to call PS Plus Premium a disaster. I’m sure SonyThe poor launch will be rectified, but the reader asked: Why was it so poor? Why were SonyThey were in such a hurry that they had to cut corners? It’s the middle of summer and they’ve had years to prepare for this, andYet, the first impressions are that of a half-broken and hardly games-filled service.

PS Plus Premium isn’t even really the point, but that SonyThey have been exposed as something more than an industry leader. andActually, you are quite capable of being called amateurish andYou’re clueless and like a newbie to the industry (like GoogleWith Stadia).

CanThey can recover from all this? SureIf they have enough good games, they can but PS Plus Premium should’ve been a major boost for them, that would mean first party games were no longer their only asset. Instead, it’s all turned out to be a major embarrassment.

WorseThere are more Nintendo
It’s interesting to read about how much of a mess Sony’s Game Passequivalent launched in, with one reader highlighting the importance of it. MicrosoftThey are now available. andSince then, Game Pass. I agree, but I’ll go one step further andHighlight how even NintendoWe have done a better job streaming retro titles than Sony.

I am aware Nintendo’s Expansion PassWhile there were some issues with launch, it was clear that the games would be available from day one. andThe future would have them. Additionally, the NES andMy experience with SNES streaming has been flawless.

I’m not saying NintendoThey are perfect in every way and their handling of the online side of their business has always been… underwhelming, to say the least. SoFor more information, please visit: SonyWe will be releasing PAL versions shortly PS PlusEven if you are not even NintendoTheir retro titles are set at 60Hz. That tells me a lot. Sony’s approach here.

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MonkeysYou can find the Caribbean
NowThat PiratesYou can find the Caribbean is dead as a franchise (guess which televised trial I’ve been watching) I wonder if DisneyWould you ever consider replacing it? Monkey Island. I believe there was some talk back in the day about doing this, but it really would make the perfect. video gameI believe in adaptation.

TheProblem with even the decent video game movies is that they’re adapting things that never really had stories to begin with, or characters. I mean, what is the plot to the movie? Sonic games? AndHow would you describe it? Sonic’s character, other than a bit smarmy?

Even UnchartedThere are very few plots that are sensible. and while the characters have a lot more going on with them they’re still pretty generic andIn their own right. Guybrush ThreepwoodIt just seems like you have a lot more character to me and all the ghostly stuff doesn’t seem so contrived, with the more comedic tone, than PiratesYou can find the Caribbean. Just a thought but I know I’d watch it.

WorldOf Ageism
I was reading about the new World Of WarcraftRecent expansion andI was thinking about getting it (dragons seem cool!) But then I realized how old the parent was. gameIt is and I’m not sure I really want to jump into a game that’s been around so long and which I don’t really know anything about. AlsoThe graphics are horrible.

TheBase gameSoon, 18-years-old will be and I don’t understand why there’s never been any attempt to make a sequel or MMO with a different IP. I guess that the argument is probably that they don’t want to cannibalise sales but surely WarcraftMust be well down from its peak of popularity now. and it’s about time to shake things up?

I’m sure some accountant has told them that’s the best idea but I really don’t think I will ever try WarcraftGet it now and I’m less likely to the older it gets.
Gummy Bairn

Current Warfare
I can’t believe Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare2 is about fighting drug cartels. ThatThis would be a significant downgrade in threat level, compared to the last. gameLet alone being invaded by Russia. TheOriginal Modern WarfareIt was silly, but it was good entertainment. and given current events there’s no problem with painting RussiansThe bad guys.

WhichMakes me wonder: UkrainianWar is going to impact games. ForYears later, Gulf War we got games based or inspired by it, although I’m not sure that would happen today. WouldIs it considered ghoulish?

I doubt Modern Warfare3 is about liberating Ukraine but developers won’t be able to stop themselves being influenced, even subconsciously, which is going to quickly attract the attention of the tabloids. I hope studios can be controlled. andIt is not worth it andTurn a terrible conflict into a selling point video game.

Collector’s item
WithOnline love is overwhelming andAvailability: Pre-orders closed by 2023! thought I’d share this listing for a PlaydateConsole I found on eBay I can’t find any others on sale in UK, all others being in America.

ThereThere is clearly demand for the quirky handheld. Which brings me to my question: Does anyone have hands-on experience with it? Playdate? Or do any readers have the disposable income to purchase one – Alek Kazaam I’m looking at you!

GC: Wow, it’s up to £420 as we write this.

I think it’s pretty obvious ExoprimalThe event takes place in Dino Crisis universe. It is crazy, and I love channeling the 90s era. Japanese gaming vibe, but I just wish it wasn’t multiplayer focused. I’m willing to bet that there’s not a lot of crossover between the demographics of Dino CrisisFans andFor those who love to play Fortnite and Apex Legends, which immediately raises the worry that it’s not going to appeal to anyone.

I am aware Capcom (andEveryone else wants that sweet Call Of DutyMoney is important, but multiplayer games seem to be more risky than single-player. Good multiplayer games often flop, just because they don’t find their audience and don’t get time to build up a playerbase, but usually a single-player that’s good does well.

EvenSomething like Guardians Of The Galaxy, that started off badly, did well in the end because it wasn’t dependent on other people being around to play it, anyone could pick it up later andEnjoy it at full volume. ForAll I know ExoprimalThe next one will be Call Of DutyWould anyone want to bet on this? I shouldn’t think so but I’d bet that Dino Crisis4 would be much better.

Inbox also-rans
It’s a free mystery gameContinue reading Epic Games StoreStarts at 4pm Thursday. HopefullyIt will be another great one after. Borderlands3 Weeks ago
Andrew J.

NiceReview of Sniper Elite 5, I’ve always enjoyed those games. I am surprised they’ve never moved them into the modern era though. I enjoy shooting Nazis as much as the next guy but I don’t see there’s anything about the gameplay that means it has to be WW2.

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WithMany publishers are convinced that live-service games like Fortnite and Apex LegendsAre you the future industry? Which games do you want to see continue to receive new DLC? If it’s an action gameHow would you keep the content fresh? and if it’s more story-based how exactly would you like it to work?

DoYou like the idea of a gameDo you prefer it to have an end or no official end? If it’s the latter, why is that andWhat do you think is the ideal length of a sentence? game?

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