General Hospital Spoilers May 16 – 27 provides the most up-to-date, new information General HospitalTwo weeks ahead of you: spoilers Monday, May 16To. Friday, May 27. EsmeContinues to spin her deceitful web, even as TrinaHe seems to be closer to a guy who isn’t Spencer! Meanwhile, AvaMeets with Valentin, Brook LynnThe problem is a recurring one, and things become explosive when the visitation hearing starts!

General HospitalSpoilers Week May 16:

General HospitalSpoilers Monday, May 16:

Leo’s been having a bit of anxiety about his performance, but today’s the big day. Surely having his family in attendance will help… right? ThenThe following is the continuation of the Quartermaines aren’t necessarily known for “helping” in high-pressure situations!

HowWill NedFeel about the offer being made by DrewAnd Michael?

AnnaEvidently, he feels for ValentinIt seems as if they feel the same way. ThenAgain, he had a great chat with ex recently. Nina. Perhaps FeliciaWhen she asks the charming, she will be able find the bottom of the matter. CassadineWhat his true intentions towards her friend are.

Whatdid Stella know… and when did she know it? We’re about to find out when she finally confesses to Curtis.

ThingsWith Spencer aren’t going quite the way EsmeSo the vixen does exactly what she is best at: manipulate others. ButNot Spencer… his dad, Nikolas! MeanwhileIt looks almost as if it were. TrinaWe have some bad news to share AvaAnd Portia.

For wheel: (*16*) Rae Silzeris put to the test (and passes!) — plus, see the beautiful young woman Emma’s portrayer has become.

General HospitalSpoilers Tuesday, May 17:

Yesterday, MichaelAnd DrewWe made an offer to Ned. Today, the guys are on the receiving end of a most unexpected offer… from Michael’s mom! WhatWhat exactly does she have in her mind? Meanwhile, Ned takes a meeting that could prove surprising…

Get the popcorn, because we’re going to save you a front-row seat as AvaAnd EsmeButt heads! Meanwhile, SamTells Spencer it’s time for him to cough up some answers!

Leo’s got something on his mind and, being a straight-shooter, puts it bluntly to Chase.

WhatWill GladysAfter she has figured out what, do with the information Sasha’s been hiding?

General HospitalSpoilers Wednesday, May 18:

WhenIt’s family problems. SonnyAnd BrandoBoth are dealing with their share. WillWhen they meet at the garage, will one of them be able or willing to offer advice?

PortiaThere are many reasons to be concerned Trina’s situation. WhenThe fretting mom opens her eyes to CurtisIs he able to calm her fears?

With Marshall still missing — and (*16*) being where he supposedly ran off to — MollyTJ and TJ leave for the Big Appleto find his grandpa.

SashaI would love to deny it. Gladys’ accusations, but when confronted with pretty solid evidence, will she crack?

Just when it’s looking as Brook LynnAnd Chase will finally steam things up, they’re interrupted by… well, honestly, who cares who it is? TheIt is not a good idea to interrupt!

General HospitalSpoilers Thursday, May 19:

Bobbie is in the right place at the right time — or the wrong place at the wrong time, depending on your perspective — and, after overhearing Carly’s conversation, has questions for her daughter.

Speaking of “right place, right time,” just as NinaIt is a very uncomfortable experience to have. The SavoyWho should go in but? Sonny. (Something tells us he’ll deal with the problem!)

Portia, EpiphanyAnd StellaIt may end up being a completely different direction.

TheMysterious mystery surrounding Elizabeth isn’t likely to be much clearer after she has a tense encounter with Finn, LauraAnd Kevin. Meanwhile, (*27*) gets to spend a little time with Violetat Kelly’s!

General HospitalSpoilers Friday, May 20:

AhLiving in a small community like this requires you to love it. Port CharlesThere are three places to grab a drink in the city of, ThatHow it works Bobbie, Carly, SonnyAnd NinaAll end up at The Savoy. (You’d think SonnyWould support his own business. Charlie’s!)

MichaelAnd WillowYou are open to sharing a little bit of a romantic night.

TJ will have to leap into action to prevent a bad situation from becoming worse as things heat up in (*16*).

Violet’s theory has Finn and (*27*) wondering if maybe the little girl has figured out something they’ve completely missed.

PortiaWhen necessary, you will have to step in. TaggertGet in Jordan’s face about the Trina situation!

General HospitalSpoilers Week May 23:

General HospitalSpoilers Monday, May 23:

Dante has done his best to be supportive of his dad, but he’s not so sure he supports Sonny’s latest decision. Meanwhile, CarlyShe tries to find her Zen, but her yoga class is interrupted. Things will definitely not be peaceful at the studio…

Britt’s been under Selina’s thumb for a while now, and she’s been ordered to keep BradIn line But the question she asks today might indicate she’s ready to defy her pal’s aunt.

TheMysterious mystery about Elizabeth’s haunting gets a bit closer to being solved as she closes in on the truth about recent events.

Where LincTrouble follows what goes. That is why Brook LynnShe is so frustrated by her current situation.

HowWill CurtisWhat are your reactions to the news TJ shares?

General HospitalSpoilers Tuesday, May 24:

TheThe hearing will decide Wiley’s future gets under way with NinaTaking the stand. (Who’s bringing the popcorn?) AsThings are moving forward ScottDecides to throw the dice and place a questionable witness on stand.

Elizabeth’s loved ones rally around her.

When Alexis butts heads with (*27*), is it really about The Invader… or might there be something more beneath the surface?

General HospitalSpoilers Wednesday, May 25:

AnyonePeople who thought that the visitation hearing was simple and civilized have clearly not been paying enough attention. Lines were drawn, sides were chosen. Today, things continue to escalate…

CamWhen he spends too much time with his friends, he is upset. JosslynShe interrupts him, but she does her best for his ruffled feathers.

No, Rory hasn’t suddenly become an art aficionado. We’re pretty sure the real reason he’s hanging out at Ava’s gallery has something to do with Trina.

PourWatch the sparks fly by sipping martinis AvaAnd VictorTry to out-charm each other. Should NikolasBe worried about his wife’s company? AndWhat will? Spencer’s dad be able to pry out of BrittWhen he pays her a visiting?

HowWill EsmeFeel free to comment on the latest condition. Spencer’s trust-fund allowance?

General HospitalSpoilers Thursday, May 26:

This isn’t the first time MichaelAnd SonnyThey found themselves in conflict. ButWill the younger man’s testimony at the visitation hearing create a bigger rift between them?

Well, here’s an interesting twist: VictorHe serves as a chaperone between NikolasHe and his wife. Ava!

SpencerHe is likely to see green once he spots it. TrinaEnjoying a night out with Rory.

ChetShares a little news with TerryHis sister, Amy, eavesdrops.

EsmeWhat does it mean? Esme does best… which, in case there were any doubt, means stirring up trouble. WhoWill she lure her into her trap this time?

General HospitalSpoilers Friday, May 27:

AllThe singles from the area meet up to mingle at the Metro CourtPool as the Society Setups event gets underway. Who’ll wind up connecting with whom?

ThingsAs the hearing draws near, get heated in the courthouse

TheFor some pieces, they may fall into their proper places. EsmeIf she just happens upon a vulnerable individual NikolasAll alone, drowning in his sorrows.

ChetYou have to make a difficult decision. TerryShe does all she can to help.

WellThis sounds dangerous. AvaAnd LauraHave a discussion about target practice! Here’s hoping nobody ends up with a knife — er, axe — in their back!

AvaAre you having trouble with Nikolas but she’s had a ton more with others over the years. LookRejoin us at some of Ava’s dangerous and lethal loves in our gallery below.

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