General Hospital Spoilers May 2 – 13 offers the most recent, innovative information General HospitalTwo weeks ahead of you: spoilers Monday, May 2To. Friday, May 13. Elizabeth’s search for answers takes her down a strange path, FinnHopes LauraThis might be helpful. Carly JossMake time for each other. SpencerHe intensifies his search for answers. EsmePays another visit to Ryan.

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General HospitalSpoilers Week of May 2:

General HospitalSpoilers Monday, May 2:

Willow faces Harmony GH

In today’s recap, WillowShe was shocked to hear that her mother tried killing her Alexis CarlyBut Carly doesn’t get the chance to reveal why. Plus, SonnyGives love advice Spinelli, FinnTry to lift Liz’s spirits.

Brace yourself, Willow, because you’re about to get some pretty shocking news… and from a perhaps unlikely source: Michael’s mom!

WhilePlaying the loving grandparents Bailey, Felicia MacTake a walk down Memory Lane.

Sonny SpinelliAlthough they have an awkward relationship, they end up sharing an unusually good moment. What’s causing this unexpected bonding?

It’s a girls night out for Britt, Nina Obrecht. Something tells us this could wind up being a whole lot of fun… and possibly trouble!

FinnWould you like to try? Elizabeth’s mind off everything going on, but that could be a pretty big task!

EdenMcCoy (Josslyn) shows off her palm-sized furry friend: “I’m freaking out…”

General HospitalSpoilers Tuesday, May 3:

Carly warns Harmony Willow needs to know the truth GH

In today’s recap, CarlyTells HarmonyThat WillowIt is important to know the truth. HarmonySay a name, and LizAfter another incident, decides that he or she should contact a medium.

(*13*) she’s not always been the biggest advocate of confession, Carly thinks it’s time for Harmonyto be clear. WillShe will be able push Willow’s mom to tell all?

Maxie Austin’s potential romance could hit a roadblock when she gets up in his grill about something that needs discussing.

TJ is relatively new at this whole medical thing, but he’s taking on a tough case.

Sonny Nina’s relationship continues to get stronger as he opens up to her.

(*13*) Laura recently admitted that she’s fully supportive of Lucy Martin’s relationship, not everyone might feel the same. TheAs they try to convince, a budding couple presents a united front. Valentin that they’re a good match.

Chad Duell (Michael) gets a big reaction from a too-cute photo of himself as a little kid: “Calm down.”

General HospitalSpoilers Wednesday, May 4:

Carly learns Nina is Willow's Mom

In today’s recap, CarlyMakes HarmonyProtective promises WillowJust as Harmony dies, SonnyGet advice about NinaA friend old, and Mac FeliciaJump to the same conclusion as the other.

WhenAn old friend appears Sonny’s doorstep, will he be happy to see them?

ItIt feels like it was yesterday when Felicia MacMake time to do it Anna Robert.

Willow’s in major need of a distraction, so the people she’s closest to — Michael, Sasha Brando — do their best to keep her mind occupied.

NinaIt seems that things are moving along Sonny, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the past will stay in the past. CasePoint: She’s chatting with PhyllisWhen should you walk in but Valentin…

Harmony CarlyWe have been spending a lot of time together lately. TodayThe former DawnThis is DayMember questions Michael’s mom to make her a promise…

Watch Maurice Benard ‘boogie down’ with his adorable granddaughter — and those pants… what the… ?!?

General HospitalSpoilers Thursday, May 5:


In today’s recap, WillowShe learns that her mother killed her mother to cover up a hidden secret involving her. Amy TerryHave another tense encounter and ChetHe makes an impression at the gym, while his temporary replacement is back. Sonny.

SonnyIs welcoming ChetBack when DanteInterrupts to share some news. WhatWe really want to know if Chet Terry will pick things up where they left off, ’cause they have the potential to be a very cute couple! Speaking of the top doc, things don’t go exactly as planned when she and ElizabethGet together.

ChaseMade very special plans with Brook Lynn… and then promptly forgot them. Will she be able to both forgive and understand, especially given how caught up he’s become with the mysterious goings-on at Elizabeth’s house?

HavingTJ has been in the game for a lot longer than I. BrittThis advice is for the young doctor.

When Carly MichaelTry to have a conversation about Wiley that they don’t necessarily want him to pick up on, will they wind up spelling certain words?

We are saddened to report that a beloved daytime vet has passed away at the age of 48: “Even in her last moments, she was still fighting.”

General HospitalSpoilers Friday, May 6:

willow questions harmony last words gh

Willow is in a state of disbelief, which leaves us wondering if perhaps she has — as is Port Charles tradition — become the last to know.

When GladysIs in desperate need of a knight with shining armor ValentinYou are always welcome to lend a hand.

Jordan CurtisThey are in the same spot at the same moment.

ScottIt can be a bit of an flibbertigibbet so NinaYou might need a little luck to get his attention.

WhenSomeone approaches Sonny about a job, are they looking for legitimate work at the coffee biz or perhaps to be involved in… whatever illegal operation it is that SonnyRuns that definitely do NotInclude guns, drugs, or any other items that are usually associated with mobsters.

Harmony may find that time is running out, which could be why she’s desperately attempting to make a plan.

Cameron Mathison is getting a new leading lady — this Winter!

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