General Hospital Spoilers May 9 – 20 offers the most recent, innovative information General HospitalSpoilers for the next two weeks Monday, May 9To. Friday, May 20. Trina’s situation is causing friction among several different people, Sasha’s got to answer some tough questions, BobbieOverhear something unexpected and things get messy Sonny, Carly NinaAll end up in the same spot at the same moment!

MayThe best of the best wins: Here’s your complete list of the 2022 Daytime Emmy nominees!

General HospitalSpoilers Week May 9:

General HospitalSpoilers Monday, May 9:

General Hospital Spoilers May 9 – 20

In today’s recap, CamTry to stall EsmeSo SpencerYou can search her room for evidence. Terry ChetGo on your first official date. AmyHe hears from another nurse who saw them.

CarlyShe is determined to find the truth. But will she be able?

Terry ChetFinally, they are getting married and things seem to be going well. AtUntil she finds something that could change everything.

With the visitation hearing coming up, it’s anybody’s guess as to how things will go. SoOf course! Nina Ava decide to try and play “What If?” with the various scenarios.

HowDo you have the ability to solve a problem such as Marshall? That’s exactly what CurtisTJ and TJ spend a lot of time trying to figure this out.

Hey SpencerIt looks like someone else may have caught it. Trina’s eye… Josslyn isn’t the only one who has noticed that sparks are flying between Trina and Rory!

General HospitalSpoilers Tuesday, May 10:

Spencer confronts Esme about her father GH

In today’s recap, SpencerConfronts EsmeAbout her father after she discovered her letters MaggieWhile TrinaTurns to Ava for help. Plus, CarlyIs caught red-handed Drew.

WeLearn more Charlie’s serves drinks, but is popcorn on the menu? Because we’re gonna want some when Nina Carly cross paths and wind up — as you’d expect —in attack mode!

AfterEverything that happened between Alexis HarmonyIt makes sense that the former lawyer wants to have a chat with WillowAbout her mom.

ELQ is a family business, but the family that runs it is responsible. Quartermaine clan, you can be sure things won’t run smoothly. Can Ned, Drew Michael come to an agreement regarding ELQ’s future?

SpencerYou have been playing a potentially dangerous sport. Esmeconcern. (AfterThis is the same young woman who started it all. Ava’s car on fire!) WhenHe searches her bedroom, but will he find evidence linking him to the crime she has framed? Trina for?

CameronHe finds himself in a relationship with his girlfriend. JossAnd their gal pal Trina.

When CallsThe HeartPreview: A late birthday gift could be a life-altering decision [spoiler] — plus, a storm is brewing in Hope Valley.

General HospitalSpoilers Wednesday, May 11:

drew talks carly gh

In today’s General Hospital Recap CarlyConfesses a secret Drew, and the psychic senses a dark presence in Liz’s house.

CarlyUsually, they are the ones who call people out on their behavior. SoHow will she feel when she is gone? DrewHe tells her about what he just witnessed

HowWill Willow’s decision impact her Michael’s future?

The already complicated situation that’s developed between Spencer and EsmeTakes another turn as they circle one another, each trying out to figure out where the other is standing.

LauraShe took it upon her to get SonnyTo promise no harm would be made Esme. But NikolasWho is still mad at me? SonnyHaving been threatened Spencer’s girlfriend, isn’t pleased when he comes across the mafioso and his mom together!

(*9*) times call for desperate measures. WhichThis is why Elizabeth, who is at her wit’s end where the mysterious events taking place at her home are concerned, brings in a medium! WillThe truth will finally be revealed

ChristmasIt’s early for Cameron Mathison and his new leading lady — plus, hear a bit about his own holiday traditions and find out just how big the tree is that he decorates outside of his house each year!

General HospitalSpoilers Thursday, May 12:

Esme StandS Up To Ryan GH

On today’s General Hospital, Ryan’s memories offer clues to Esme’s mother, and LizIt is a connection that Finn doesn’t believe is real.

SpencerWe hope that BrittYou might be able help him.

FeliciaShe is trying to bond with her grandson when her babysitting gig gets interrupted by an unexpected visitor.

SomethingCatchings Michael WillowTake care.

RyanYou can have a lot faith in it Esme and her ability to do his bidding, but he’s not thrilled by the progress she’s made. Will her status update result in him giving her a new — perhaps more dangerous — set of marching orders?

AnIncreasingly concerned FinnWe hope that LauraIt might be possible to reach Elizabeth.

Ryan Paevey (ex-Nathan) lands multi-picture deal with Hallmark: “I can’t wait to see what’s next.”

General HospitalSpoilers Friday, May 13:

General Hospital Spoilers May 9 – 20

In today’s recap, Michaelswears to Dante that he’ll take everything from Sonny, SamOffers to help WillowFind her birth mother ValentinIdentifies a weak link in Quartermaine family.

TheParents of Port CharlesGet ready for the school festival Meanwhile, Olivia, Ned Brook LynnTo achieve your goals, work together as a team LeoGet ready to see his big performance!

Dante SamGo to Willow MichaelWith news.

SomethingThis tells us that Valentin MartinPut your heads together to make a plan. It will be trouble for someone!

JordanTJ is fine, so she stops by. Meanwhile, CurtisIs it the same with Nina, given all she’s been through of late.

It’s time for a little mother/daughter bonding as Carly JossYou can get a mani and pedi at the salon.

General HospitalSpoilers Week May 16:

General HospitalSpoilers Monday, May 16:

Leo’s been having a bit of anxiety about his performance, but today’s the big day. Surely having his family in attendance will help… right? ThenAgain, Quartermaines aren’t necessarily known for “helping” in high-pressure situations!

HowWill NedFeel about the offer being made by Drew Michael?

AnnaEvidently, he feels for ValentinIt seems as if they feel the same way. ThenAgain, he had a great chat with ex recently. Nina. Perhaps FeliciaShe will be able get to the bottom the situation by asking the charming CassadineWhat his true intentions are toward her friend.

WhatDid Stella know… and when did she know it? We’re about to find out when she finally confesses to Curtis.

ThingsWith Spencer aren’t going quite the way EsmeWould like, so the vixen does her best work: manipulating someone. ButNot Spencer… his dad, Nikolas! MeanwhileIt almost looks as though it was made of wood. TrinaWe have some bad news to share Ava Portia.

For wheel: Brooklyn Rae Silzeris put to the test (and passes!) — plus, see the beautiful young woman Emma’s portrayer has become.

General HospitalSpoilers Tuesday, May 17:

Yesterday, Michael DrewYou made an offer Ned. Today, the guys are on the receiving end of a most unexpected offer… from Michael’s mom! WhatWhat is her exact intention? Meanwhile, Ned takes a meeting that could prove surprising…

Get the popcorn, because we’re going to save you a front-row seat as Ava EsmeButt heads! Meanwhile, SamTells Spencer it’s time for him to cough up some answers!

Leo’s got something on his mind and, being a straight-shooter, puts it bluntly to Chase.

WhatWill GladysDo with the information after she figures out what Sasha’s been hiding?

General HospitalSpoilers Wednesday, May 18:

WhenIt’s family problems. Sonny BrandoBoth deal with their share. WillWhen they meet at the garage, will one of them be able or willing to offer advice?

PortiaThere is every reason to be worried Trina’s situation. WhenThe fretting mom opens her eyes to CurtisIs he able to calm her fears?

With Marshall still missing — and Brooklyn being where he supposedly ran off to — MollyTJ and TJ set off for the Big Appleto find his grandpa.

SashaI would love to deny it. Gladys’ accusations, but when confronted with pretty solid evidence, will she crack?

Just when it’s looking as Brook Lynn Chase will finally steam things up, they’re interrupted by… well, honestly, who cares who it is? TheInterruptions are definitely not a good idea!

General HospitalSpoilers Thursday, May 19:

Bobbie is in the right place at the right time — or the wrong place at the wrong time, depending on your perspective — and, after overhearing Carly’s conversation, has questions for her daughter.

Speaking of “right place, right time,” just as NinaA most unpleasant encounter is one. The SavoyWho should go in but? Sonny. (Something tells us he’ll deal with the problem!)

Portia, Epiphany StellaIt may end up being a completely new direction.

TheMysterious surrounds Elizabeth isn’t likely to be much clearer after she has a tense encounter with Finn, Laura Kevin. Meanwhile, GregoryGets to spend some time with Violetat Kelly’s!

General HospitalSpoilers Friday, May 20:

AhYou have to love living in a small town. Port CharlesThere are only three places to get a drink in this area. ThatThis explains how Bobbie, Carly, Sonny NinaAll end up at The Savoy. (You’d think SonnyWould support his own business. Charlie’s!)

Michael WillowAre ready to share a little of a romantic evening.

TJ will have the responsibility to take action to stop a bad situation getting worse as the heat builds in Brooklyn.

Violet’s theory has Finn Gregory wondering if maybe the little girl has figured out something they’ve completely missed.

PortiaWhen necessary, you will have to step in. TaggertGet in Jordan’s face about the Trina situation!

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