Georgia Hardinge From Making The Cut: Age, Ethnicity, Husband, Kids

‘Making The Cut’ on Amazon Prime VideoThis is a series of interesting competition design reality shows that pits a group a great up-and coming designers against each other in a race to win the title. ThroughoutThe reality series has three seasons. Heidi Klum Tim GunnThe host has a substantial following base. It is renowned for the innovative challenges assigned to highlight the participants’ creativity, skill, technique, and tenacity in their quest to build a name for themselves in the fashion business. TheThe winner is the one who remains standing after all the challenges have been completed.

TheWinner takes home $1 million investment in their business and has the opportunity to develop their own line products. Amazon Fashion. OneSeason 3 features a talented designer competing Georgia HardingeWith her sculptured style and 3-dimensional approach to sustainable fashion, Judith. SheHer unique designs were a joy to create and present to further her brand’s global reach. Now, for all the fans curious to know more about the talented designer, here’s everything we know about Georgia Hardinge.

Georgia Hardinge’s Age, Ethnicity Family

BornOn February 4, 1984, GeorgiaHe hails from an honorable family in London, England. Her father, Nicholas Paul HardingeThe former was Assistant General ManagerYou can find the Royal BankThis is CanadaShe was also a mother to her daughter. Baroness Florence von Oppenheim, the second wife Hardinge. She doesn’t share much about her family or personal life, but when asked what inspires her to keep going, Georgia said, “I lost my mother at a young age, so I always think about what she would say to inspire and advise me.” TheA 38-year-old woman went to Windlesham House SchoolIn West Sussex, England.

GeorgiaThen, he graduated in 2008 Parson’s SchoolThis is Art DesignIn ParisShe was also awarded the best designer award in her final year of graduate design. SheFrom her childhood, she traveled a lot which helped her develop an interest for design. Georgia’s structural style of design was a result of her time and experience in Paris design school. AfterCompleting college GeorgiaHer beautiful creations helped her grow as a designer.

Georgia Hardinge’s Fashion Design Career

GeorgiaIn 2010, she launched her own fashion label after graduating from design school. This was thanks to the confidence that came with her graduate collection award. SheShe also has a passion for architectural structures which helps to inspire her sculptural designs. InShe successfully exhibited her very first collection in 2010. Autumn/Winter “Cage Collection” at Somerset HouseIn LondonThe designer then had the opportunity to present three looks in the Victoria’s SecretShow the same year. HereIt is interesting to mention that she was sponsored by the brand for one of her looks Swarovski.

GeorgiaShe has been steadily moving up in her career, receiving numerous awards, sponsorships, and features on highly-rated platforms like Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, Marie Claire, etc. HerDesigns have been displayed in almost all high-end fashion events such as the London Fashion Week, New York Fashion show, etc. The Georgia HardingeBrand also collaborated with Lancôme in 2012 to design a limited edition range of bottles for the Diamond JubileeCelebration of the QueenThese products were only sold in Selfridges.

2013 was another year of success Georgia HardingeCollaboration with BritishRetail label River IslandThe collection consisted of 14 pieces, including 1 bag and 2 shoes. GeorgiaThen, her designs were adorned with various celebrities like Beyoncé, Alicia Keys, Lady Gaga, Ellie Goulding, Jessie J., Kylie Minogue, etc. She also witnessed her brand being referred to as “One to watch” by Grazia Elle and “Name to know” by Instyle.

UponWhen she was asked about her proudest accomplishments, Georgia said, “HavingMy work was exhibited in Victoria & Albert MuseumIn LondonIn collaboration The Elephant FamilyIt was an incredible experience, seeing the exhibit with my closest friends, and raising money for animal conservation charities. AnotherOpening my first physical store was a key milestone St Christopher’s Place. In collaboration with you, I had a great time developing the concepts for this space. Studio Lucy Sanderson, to create an interior that mirrors my brand’s aesthetic.”

GeorgiaShe also tried to build her brand sustainably, and so eventually started using sustainable and recycled material. This was why she was nominated in the 2019 AWARDS Draper’s AwardFor Sustainability. Shehe was also selected to represent the UK in Kigali, RwandaFor more information, visit Commonwealth HeadsThis is Government Meeting 2022.

Georgia Hardinge’s Husband Children

Georgia HardingeHe is happily married to David Ling. TheyIn exchange, they exchanged vows June2017 and are proud parents a baby boy named Apollo, who’s just over a year old. InInterview with Drapers, SheTalked about how she was willing to sacrifice her relationship with her son in order to be a part of the reality TV competition. TalkingAbout her fears about participating in the show. Georgia said, “I was still breastfeeding my son at the time and I wasn’t sure I could do this. Then my husband said he would support me on it (…), but obviously you’re so attached when you’re breastfeeding”.

GeorgiaShe also shared her schedule with her son, which helped her prepare for the unusual timings of shooting the show. She confessed, “When you have the lack of sleep with a child – being up all night, looking after him, putting him to bed, feeding every hour and a half – you can do something like this. You’re used to not sleeping as much.” AfterAfter the show was over, she went home to her husband and son and is now enjoying her time with them. SheShe also prepares herself to take on new projects and collections for her brand in the future.

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