Glean Raises $100M in Series C; At $1 Billion Valuation

Glean, Palo AltoCA-based work assistance company, RED, raised $100M in SeriesC funding

TheRound was led By Sequoia CapitalAt a 1 Billion valuation. TheThe company is also backed General Catalyst, Kleiner Perkins, Lightspeed Venture Partners, The Slack Fund.

LedBy Arvind Jain (Google, Co-FounderThis is Rubrik), CEO, Glean delivers a unified search experience across all of a company’s apps to help employees find exactly what they need and discover the things they should know. GleanTo instantly deliver highly personalized results, one must understand context, language, behavior, relationships, and other factors. It surfaces knowledge and makes connections with the people who can help—making it easier for members and the team to get big things done. Using its understanding of who individuals are, what they’re working on, and who they’re working with, to instantly deliver highly personalized results, GleanEmployees can save time by reducing their work week.

TheT.R. leads the company. Vishwanath (Microsoft, Facebook), Piyush Prahladka (Google, Uber), and Tony Gentilcore (Google).



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