Gotham Knights might allow the entire Bat Family to play together in four player co-op

ThoseMany of you have been searching for a game that has a multiplayer mode. four player co-opExperience mightBe inGood luck Gotham Knights releases. A RedditorIt was possible toPoint out an update that was discovered on the game’s PlayStation store page that suggests theThe game will feature a co-opExperience that supports up to fourAs opposed to players toJust two theAdvertisement for game has stated that it is.

IfContinue on your way to r/GothamKnights, the user e/SuspiciousTension19 noticed something a little particular about the listing. On theBottom of theListing, you will see that it states the1 game support playerand 4 network players.

ItIt would make sense if the game does support four player co-op. In Gotham KnightsPlayers will be able to to playAs fourDifferent characters: Batgirl, Nightwing, Red Hood, or Robin. HoweverWB has always encouraged playing with up toTwo people at once ItEven states can be on theListing that players will be able to play “in solo-playDrop with one of your heroes in on criminal activity wherever you find it.”

While theStore page implies that you will be allowed to to playWith three of your friends Warner Bros. MontrealHe has only mentioned one other person playing with him. player. TheGame will not be released until later in the year in OctoberIf this is not a store-page error, there is still plenty time to make an official announcement.

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