Grand Pirates Codes May 2022, How To Redeem Codes In Grand Pirates? – News

Grand Pirates Codes May 2022, How To Redeem Codes In Grand Pirates? - News

Grand Pirates

Grand Pirates is based on a theme full of pirates, like the movie PiratesYou can find the Caribbean. It is an online adventure game that was officially developed by the Grand Pirate OfficialIn March 2022. TheEach month, the game will release codes that can be redeemed by players in order to earn rewards. SoWe have the codes here May 2022. Take a look!

Grand Pirates Codes May 2022 (Active)

  • 20KLikes –   RedeemFor Stat Reset(new)

  • 1KDislikes –  RedeemFor Removing devil fruit(new)

  • 2MVisits –    RedeemTo obtain 60mns Devil Fruit Notifier

  • 20KFavourites –  RedeemFor Double Peli 60mns 

Grand Pirates Codes May 2022 (Expired)

  • 1.5MVisits – RedeemFor 60mns devil fruit notifiers 

  • 10KLikes –  Redeem for Stat Reset 

  • SorryforShutdowns – RedeemFor Stat Reset 

  • 10KFavourites –  Redeem60mns 2x Drop Rate 

  • 5KLikes –  RedeemDouble the fun Peli 60mns

  • 500KVisits –  RedeemFor Stat Reset 

  • 100KVisits –  Redeem to remove devil fruit 

  • 4KLikes – RedeemFor Stat Reset 

  • 3KLikes – RedeemFor 30 mns, 2x Peli 

  • 2KLikes –  Redeem30mns 2xXP

  • 1KLikes –  RedeemFor Stat Reset 

  • SuspiciousAction –  Redeem for 60mns devil fruit notifier 

  • SorryForBugs – Redeem for 10K Peli 

  • Released –  Redeem10K Peli 

How To Redeem Codes In Grand Pirates?

  • LaunchYou must first play the game on your device.

  • NowPress the menu option you see on screen 

  • ThenUse the SettingsDisplay the screen

  • NowEnter the code shown on the screen. 

  • PressAfter entering the code, click the Enter button to claim your rewards.

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