Gusto Collective Raises US$11M in Seed Plus Funding

Gusto Collective, Hong Kong, ChinaBrandTech Holding Company, based in New York, raised US$11M in Seed Plus funding.

TheRound was led by Animoca BrandsAnd Gaw CapitalYCI, BlackPine, and YCI participation LimitedClearVue and. Partners.

TheThe funds will be used by the company to support growth in1) Geographic expansion into other parts Asia2) Web3 services, products, and 3) Recurring-Revenue product development.

LedBy CEO Aaron Lau, Gusto CollectiveBrandTech Holdings Company that brings the best businesses to life inTechnology and branding can be combined to drive growth and value for brands through immersive customer experiences that operate within the spheres AR, the metaverse, and NFTs.

ThePartnering with a company Hong Kong’s largest wireless operator, CSL, to create 5G AR experiences through an AR application it created; partnered with Phillips Auctioneers onThe world’s first real-time generative data art, based on auction data; and created AR experiences for Pixar Fest in the Harbour City mall in 2021.

With the completion of this round, the company has raised US$ 23 million inSince launching, cumulative external funding in 2020.  



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