Harley Quinn Season 3 Episode 6 Recap and Ending, Explained

InThe sixth episode of the third season’s HBO Max’s ‘Harley Quinn,’ titled ‘Joker: The Killing Vote,’ the focus is not on Harley ( Kaley Cuoco) and Poison Ivy (Lake Bell). InsteadThe Joker (Alan Tudyk) takes center stage. The erstwhile Clown PrinceOf CrimeStruggles to get his stepchildren. Benicio and SofiaTo learn more, you can enroll in a program. Spanish language. Discovering how clogged the government system is, he makes certain decisions that are bound to affect the show’s narrative in the long run. Meanwhile, James Gordon’s campaign to become the next MayorOf GothamIt goes completely off the rails andEven his daughter abandons them. Here is everything you need to know about the ending of ‘Harley Quinn’ season 3Episode 6. SPOILERS BEFORE.

Harley Quinn Season 3 Episode 6 Recap

The episode’s title is a reference to “Batman: The Killing Joke,’ a controversial 1988 one-shot graphic novel written by Alan Moore andIllustration by Brian Bolland. ItThe animated film of the same title was inspired by the 2016 animated film. ‘Joker: The Killing Vote’ begins with the JokerIt is like being in a nightmare. (*6*), it seems that it is about BatmanHe is being held in a dark alleyway. ButThen, the JokerHe is able to remove the mask of the enemy. andIt is revealed to be DebbieThe mother of one student at the school. Benicio and Sofia’s school. The JokerWake up with a start andHe confesses to his girlfriend BethanyIt was a nightmare. Debbie.

TheEach episode is divided into parts and formatted as a sitcom. There is also a reference to the “we live in a society” meme. The JokerMessages the school receptionist to discuss his plans to enroll his stepchildren in the school SpanishImmersion program DebbieSoon, and it is revealed that her children’s names are on the list for the program. DebbieMocks the Joker, boasting about her connections to the election commission.

The JokerBy making a dish for peace, he tries to bring about reconciliation DebbieBut neither his charm nor his food work. Meanwhile, Gordon’s campaign is going as disastrously as ever. HeDespite not telling, $400 million was spent on ad campaigns Two-FaceIt. ItIt appears that GordonReceived funding from Bruce andThe other members of the CourtOf OwlsBut has squandered all the funds. BarbaraShe tries to persuade her father to let the world see his beliefs, but it becomes obvious that Gordon himself isn’t sure what his ideals are. The incumbent MayorOf GothamLive debate: Death Gordon. JustIt seems that GordonThe next mayor will be the JokerJoins the race

Harley Quinn Season 3 Episode 6 Ending: Is Two-Face Dead?

No, Two-Face isn’t dead. AsThe Joker’s mayoral campaign quickly gains massive popularity, Two-Face kidnaps Benicio andHe holds him hostage in the abandoned Bonus Brothers Carnival and Amusement Park. When GordonWhen he learns of this, he tries dissuade Two-Face, claiming that he trusted him. A disbelieving Two-FaceHe points out, however, that his pseudonym should have been sufficient to deter GordonYou can trust him. HeIt is revealed that HeWould you like to make GordonMayor so he can become a district attorney again. ForFor this purpose, he even poisoned a former mayor.

WhenThe JokerIt’s all good. Two-FaceHe is a victim of his own traps and BenicioYou can ride one of the rides in the amusement park andIt can be switched on. However, GordonKnocks Two-FaceOut andThey are saved before they die. The JokerThen, it stops GordonFrom killing Two-Face. LaterWhen? Two-FaceGets up andTry to shoot Gordon, BethanyArrives andHe is thrown into his car by her. Two-Face survives, andThe JokerHis girlfriend convinces him not to use a tire wrench to kill the villain.

WillThe Joker BecomeThe Mayor?

The JokerHe is running for the election on a socialist platform. HeEducation reform, redistribution and dissolution of the police force are some of the promises. and universal healthcare. ThisHe is a hugely popular figure among the people of Gotham. Even BarbaraAfter her father makes a decision to keep, she switches sides. Two-Faceas his campaign manager. TheThis aspect of the story seems to have two sides to it.

Harley Quinn Season 3 Episode 6 Recap and Ending, Explained

OnOn the one hand, it is the JokerIdentifies as a socialist. OnHe is, however, the only one with a legitimate policy. IfThe JokerIf he does become mayor, which seems increasingly likely, it will embroil him into a conflict with Bruce Wayne, a prominent member Gotham’s one-percenter class.

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