Heardle Song May 18 2022 Answer Today: #82 Daily Hints

A new HeardleSong of the Day is available May 18, 2022. AsAs usual, we have our own suggestions and the answer. Heardle 82.

With the number of daily games released in recent months, it’s not surprising to see a long list of games on people’s to-do lists that have been posted on Twitter.

Heardle is at the top of most people’s lists. ForFor those who are not familiar with the game HeardlePlayers are challenged to guess the song of each day in six attempts or less

TheThe game begins with a song intro. Each incorrect or skipped guess unlocks more of it.

TheLast few Heardle songs have been difficult to guess because the intro doesn’t reveal much. ThereHowever, there have been songs that were easy to guess the first time or second time.

If you’re struggling with today’s Heardle, we have our own hints and the answer to today’s song, number 82, released on May 18, 2022.

Daily Song Hints

The songs by HeardleThey are completely mixed. YouOne day you might get a song from the 1970s, the next day a song from less than six years ago. As a result, it’s difficult to maintain a winning streak for long, which is why we have our own hints to help you out.

HereThese are our tips for Heardle 82:

  • Hint 1: Released1973
  • Hint 2: Gente – Hardrock
  • Hint 3: SingleBy deep purple
  • Hint 4: Smoke On The [blank]

Heardle 82 18th May 2022 Answer


If you’re still struggling even with the hints above, you’ll find theAnswer to today’s song of the day below:

The answer to Heardle82, published on May 18th, 2022Is Deep Purple – Smoke On The (*18*)

Heardle 82 Answer - May 18th 2022

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