Hemispherian Raises USD1.4M in Seed Funding

Hemispherian AS, Oslo, Norway-based preclinical pharmaceutical company focused on small molecule cancer therapeutics targeting the DNA damage response, raised NOK 12.5M (USD 1.4M) inSeed funding

TheRound was led By MeneldorWho partnered with? NorwegianAnd American investors. HemispherianAS has added new members to its board Paul Lelieveld, Wolfram Eichner, Frode Vartdal. TheseMembers will join Steven Powell, Dallas Hack and Masha Strømme.

The company intends to use the funds to expand its drug development activitiesAnd its preclinical pipeline and move its lead therapeutic compounds towards clinical development.

HemispherianInnovative pharmaceutical company that focuses on the development of a new class of small-molecule drugs (GLIX). GLIX compounds target TET2 enzyme and activate DNA damage response. in cancer cell death. The company’s lead compound, GLIX1, is inPreclinical development in late-stage for the treatment of Glioblastoma Multiforme, a deadly form of central nervous system cancer and the leading cause to death by disease. in children. HemispherianFurther, the development of a companion diagnostic instrument to assist in patient selection is being done to ensure optimal therapeutic response to GLIX1.



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