How Deep is the Lava in Floor is Lava?

AlthoughOne of the most unexpected productions Netflix has ever come out with due to its sheer childishness, ‘Floor is Lava’ isA game show that truly deserves it theIt’s all about the hype AfterIt is all that it really takes. the conceptOf our favorite reminisce-able pastime and blows it up to epic proportions to create burning hot obstacle courses unlike any other — quite literally.

If you blend Nickelodeon’s original ‘Legends of the Hidden Temple’ with ‘Wipeout,’ along with a sprinkle of ‘American Ninja Warrior,’ this reality competition series is precisely what you’ll end up with. So now that it has proven to be equal parts silly, endearing, and hilariously entertaining to win over our hearts, let’s actually find out more about the bubbling “lava” it involves, shall we?

How Deep is the Lava?

While it’s no secret anymore that the bright-red “lava” is not real lava — obviously — but rather warm, water-like slime carefully dyed theIts exact depth is a scary color isA bit unclear the moment. JustLike where theContestants disappear after falling into thegoo isIt appears that producers/teams only have top-secret knowledge. isWe have been able speculate despite this.

SinceWe not only know this for a fact, but we also believe it. the obstacle course rooms are filled with around 80,000 gallons of “lava” but also undeniably see every player that slips make a big splash, it’s evident that it isIt is quite deep. InAlso, with theWay theSubmerge slime completely the contenders — no matter their shape, size, or theAngle at which they are able to fall in — it’s safe to say that it goes further than a mere 3 or 4 feet.

MoreoverCreator of series Irad EyalOnce, even though the “lava” isThey created their secret sauce. theEven if they had for long periods of time to be in the area, contestants would be safe. SafetyThis was the case at every step theWay, whether during theCreation of theSubstance or the trial runs, suggesting that it also can’t be so deep that it would ever scare away any cast member.

How Deep is the Lava in Floor is Lava?

“The reason we’re being so secretive about [the lava] is because it really did take a long time to nail this down,” Irad Eyal stated. “YouYou want theLava to glow. ‘Oh, that’s easy,’ theChemists [we tasked for the job] said, ‘we could just add in some glowing chemicals.’ WellThese things are carcinogenic. So you can’t have that in there. SoIt took a while before we figured out how to make this thing flow, bubble, slippery, viscous. in theright way, and also be sure that people can be submerged inIt can be used for minutes, hours, or whatever length you need. is, and come out safely.”

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