How Did Elizabeth Ratliff Really Die? Did Michael Peterson Kill Her?

With ‘The Staircase’ retelling the tale of Michael Petersonand his alleged involvement in the marriage of his wife Kathleen Peterson’s bizarre December2001’s demise brought back several related issues. AmongstIt is, of necessity, the 1985 death Elizabeth RatliffThis is mainly due to the way she was found, and how her two orphaned children were adopted by the Petersons. So now, if you wish to learn more about this nearly four-decade-old matter, including the undeniable suspicions surrounding the same, don’t worry; we’ve got all the essential details for you.

How Did Elizabeth Ratliff Die?

AtThe average age of 43 Elizabeth “Liz” RatliffAs a teacher for military kids, she had a very successful life. This allowed her to travel around the world for work. HerHer life was so different. Rhode Island farm upbringing, especially as she’d eventually found herself working at an elementary school at the Rhein-Main Air Force BaseIn West Germany. That’s where she first came across Captain George RatliffAfter being a navigator, he married his wife, and they had two beautiful daughters. Margaret Martha Ratliff.

How Did Elizabeth Ratliff Really Die? Did Michael Peterson Kill Her?
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AroundAt the same time, Elizabeth GeorgeThe grew to within the PetersonsThey bond over their neighbors Michael being a Vietnam WarVeteran and his then-wife Patricia being her coworker. ThereforeWhen the Captain suddenly lost his life during a secret overseas operation in 1983, his widow’s connection with them only furthered — she even began relying on MichaelFor assistance with daily chores.

As per reports, ElizabethMany times, the ate dinner with them. Petersons, MichaelShe would return to her bed to tidy up or to tuck her daughters to bed. This was exactly what happened on her last night alive. He has since insisted she was completely okay when he walked out the door, yet the following morning, the girls’ nanny found her dead at the bottom of the stairs — ElizabethOn the last day of his life November 25, 1985.

How Did Elizabeth Ratliff Really Die? Did Michael Peterson Kill Her?
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BothThe GermanOfficials as well as the United StatesMilitary police conducted investigations into Elizabeth’s case, and their autopsy ruled her manner of death an “accident.” She’d reportedly died from an intracerebral hemorrhage, secondary to a blood clot disorder. TheThe coroner concluded that she fell down stairs after suffering a brain injury, which led to her immediate death. HoweverHowever, things changed after her embalmed remains were exhumed nearly twenty years later. April 2003.

Did Michael Peterson Kill Elizabeth Ratliff?

AsIt was discovered that KathleenWas not the first woman to be associated MichaelTo be found dead at bottom of the staircase Elizabeth’s remains were exhumed for more information. A second autopsy was performed by Durham, North Carolina officials this time, revealed sufficient evidence to suspect the manner of death being clear “homicide.” WithDespite this, there are no charges. Michaelhe has not been charged in this matter and maintains his innocence.

How Did Elizabeth Ratliff Really Die? Did Michael Peterson Kill Her?
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A few people suspect an affair between the two of them. Michael Elizabeth turning sour as his motive for murder, but the novelist’s former wife PatriciaHe has always stood by him with all his might. MoreBoth are important Margaret Martha Ratliff, whose custody was granted to the Petersons as per their biological mother’s final will, also support their father through and through.

TheProsecutors have also suggested that Elizabeth’s perplexing 1985 passing inspired Michael to “fake” Kathleen’s “accident” in 2001, yet there has never been any direct evidence to back it up. ThusWe can only say that, regardless of the case, both Elizabeth Kathleen’s deaths were simply tragic.

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