How Did He Die? Who Killed Bernard Jimenez?

Bernard Jimenez’s shocking murder on the night of February27, 1992, left the locals of Gary, Indiana, petrified. AccordingAccording to reports BernardA gunman approached him at his front door and shot him to the death while he was out with his three daughters and fiancee. Investigation Discovery’s ‘People’s Magazine Investigates: Alibi’ chronicles the heinous murder and shows how law enforcement officials were faced with a confusing case on their hands. Let’s delve into the details of this crime and find out more, shall we?

How Did Bernard Jimenez Die?

Bernard Jimenez30 year old – a loving father to three children who lived in Gary, IndianaWith his fiancee Kimerly BelinskyTheir three daughters and a friend. For BernardHis life was perfect because he had a loving and supportive family and many close friends. MoreoverPeople who knew him described him to be kind, generous, and always open to helping others. They also spoke highly of him as someone who maintained friendly relations with everyone. MoreoverBeing a father figure is a great thing. JimenezHe loved spending time together with his family, and was even out shopping on the night of murder. HoweverHe had no idea that he was stepping out on that cold. FebruaryNight would end up taking his life.

February27th December 1992 was a happy date in the Jimenezhousehold, as all three Bernard’s daughters obtained high grades in their school. HenceTo celebrate the occasion BernardAnd KimerlyThey took all three of the children to a local grocery store ToysR UsThey were able to choose the toy that they wanted to keep. AfterAfter a long and enjoyable evening, the family decided to return home. They were about to open their doors when a masked gunman appeared out of nowhere and grabbed them. Bernard’s eldest daughter. HeThe couple were then threatened with their lives if they refused to pay. Staying calm, BernardThe gunman was even asked to take whatever money he could find in his purse. YetThe attacker was not content and laughed at Bernard, claiming that his family was not important to him.

DuringThe gunman threatened to kill the gunman after a heated exchange Bernard’s youngest daughter, making the GaryThe resident can throw a bench at their attacker. AroundThis time, KimerlyI found an escape route and ran into my house to get a gun. HoweverBefore she could return to save, BernardShe heard two gunshots coming from the still air. Rushing outside, KimerlyThe attacker was running away when I saw him. BernardWe tried to chase them. HoweverHe soon fell to his death from the two gunshot wounds in his chest. OnceFirst responders arrived at the crime scene and declared the victim dead. An autopsy revealed that the victim died from two bullet wounds.

Who Killed Bernard Jimenez?

UnfortunatelyThe initial investigation into Bernard’s murder was tough as KimerlyCould not give a precise description of the mask-wearing attacker. MoreoverThe police took time to determine if the crime was a robbery or other personal motives. HoweverAuthorities eventually discovered that the neighborhood was called “The Neighborhood.” BernardFive armed robberies were witnessed by the victims February 27, 1992. MoreoverEach victim described the attacker to be a black man with bumps or scars on his face, and was relatively thin. DeterminedThe police created a list with suspects and asked the victims for their identification using a photographic line-up.

How Did He Die? Who Killed Bernard Jimenez?

InterestinglyDuring the initial line up KimerlyAs well as another victim named Rhonda Williams, selected the photo belonging to Willie T. Donald. LaterIn a live lineup RhondaAnd KimerlyYou chose WillieHe was again selected, even though the three other victims didn’t pick him out. TheThe choice was actually quite surprising. WillieHe was neither thin nor had any scarrings. OnOn the other hand, no evidence was found linking the suspect with the crime. StillAuthorities are arrested WillieHe was convicted in 1992 of first-degree murder, as well as two counts of armed theft. He was sentenced to a period of 60 years in prison.

However, Willie’s conviction was quite shaky, as, in 2009, Rhonda WilliamsShe claimed that she was led to choose him in the line up. UltimatelyIn January2016. He was able get his conviction overturned and the first trial declared unconstitutional. MoreoverJust two days after his conviction was overturned by the Supreme Court, all charges against him were dropped. WillieHe was freed and his charges were dropped.

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