How Did He Die? Who Killed Frank McCutcheon? Update

In July2016: The quiet neighborhood Tree Top DriveIn Buncombe County, North Carolina, was shocked at the murder of Frank “Buddy” McCutcheon. TheA well-known doctor was shot in his own home by his wife. Brenda911 is the abbreviation. ButAs the authorities dug deeper, it seemed as though all fingers were pointed at Brenda. NBC News’ ‘Dateline: The DayThe Music Died’ chronicles the reasons behind Buddy’s death and what happened to Brenda after. So, let’s find out more about this case then, shall we?

How Did Frank “Buddy” McCutcheon Die?

BuddyBorn in Little Rock, ArkansasHe was accepted to medical school at the UniversityThis is Arkansas. After1978 was the year that I graduated. BuddyCompleted residencies in 2 places AtAt the time of the incident he was a plastic surgeon in Asheville, North Carolina, and lived with her. Brenda. The64-year old was a great musician, who played multiple instruments. ApartHe was close to his family, and was keen to help them. Civil WarUS History.

How Did He Die? Who Killed Frank McCutcheon? Update
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At around 3:30 AM on July 16, 2016, BrendaHeard a loud noise downstairs at their house in Buncombe CountyI went to check. AtIt is now, BuddyHad been sleeping on a couch in the living-room while BrendaThe upstairs bedroom was my place to sleep. SheShe found her husband shot in the head and called 911. FirstResponders arrived in minutes and located the problem. Buddy dead. TheLater, the murder weapon was found in the yards of ivy.

Who Killed Frank “Buddy” McCutcheon?

BrendaDuring the 911 call, it was stated that the backdoor was unlocked because Buddy didn’t lock it. SheIt was believed that an intruder entered, shot him and fled the scene. HoweverThere was no evidence to suggest that there was another person in the house. SoThe authorities began to look at the matter. Brendaher relationship with Buddy. TheyShe also worked as a shopper at Buddy’s practice as the office manager and took care of the accounting.

How Did He Die? Who Killed Frank McCutcheon? Update

TheThe investigation into the couple was ongoing DepartmentThis is Revenuefor embezzlement or obtaining property using false pretenses BrendaI knew about it at least since childhood. July11, 2016 since she was contacted by the authorities BuddyAt the office that day. TheyWe were looking for records on tax returns as well as employee payroll reports. ThenAt a storage facility Brenda rented, the police found several boxes labeled “personal taxes” and “insurance claims.” SheI had spoken to a shredding firm to destroy the contents in 40 boxes. July 27, 2016.

Furthermore, BrendaThe family home was sold and the family moved to TennesseeIn the aftermath of the murder. WhileShe claimed she had nothing to do Buddy’s death, the authorities thought otherwise. DuringDuring the investigation, it was discovered that BuddyThey had affairs with two nurses throughout their marriage. TheThe prosecution stated that Brenda killed Buddy because she didn’t want him to know that she hadn’t been paying payroll taxes.

AccordingThe prosecution BrendaFearful BuddyShe would be divorcing. TheyBelieved that something happened July15, 2016; It could have been about financials or BuddyLearn more about the affairs. UltimatelyDespite no physical evidence of tying, BrendaShe was convicted of murdering her husband and sentenced to prison. February2021, received a sentence of life.

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