How Did He Die? Who Killed Him?

In June2007: A grisly death near Darby, MontanaThe locals were shocked and scared by his actions. Bill StoutThe body of a beloved community member, ”James’, was discovered in his bedroom. The authorities who investigated the case found extensive evidence of a cold-blooded murder with everything pointing in his wife’s direction. NBC News’ ‘Dateline: The Box’ chronicles the work that went into bringing Bill’s killer to justice. So, let’s find out more about this case then, shall we?

How Did Bill Stout Die?

William Lee “Bill” StoutIn February1955 California. HeMet in the same area as you when you were growing up. AnneYou can marry her eventually. TheTwo sons were born to the couple. Anne’s son from a previous marriage, whom Bill adopted. TheThe family moved to a rural community near them. Darby. There, BillWorked as a drywall-installer and at one time was employed at a ranch, and at a care facility.

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On June 10, 2007, AnneShopping with MatthewHer youngest son, he returned sometime in the afternoon. ToTheir horror! BillHe was found dead in his bedroom. TheA single gunshot to the head left a 52-year-old woman unconscious. A hilarious scene. Anne called 911 after driving across to a neighbor’s home. The authorities arrived and ruled out the possibility of suicide when the gun wasn’t at the scene. Furthermore, a partially covered pillow Bill’s head.

Who Killed Bill Stout?

AsThe evidence seemed to support this conclusion, according to the show. Bill’s body had been moved after his death. InitiallyThe coroner believed that he was killed between 8 and 10 hours before he was found. Anne MatthewLeft home at around 8:30 AM and returned around 4 PM. It seemed like BillSadly, he died shortly thereafter Anne Matthew left. HoweverAn autopsy indicated that the time of death was earlier than 10 PM to midnight. June 9, 2007.

How Did He Die? Who Killed Him?

SoThe investigators began to investigate who was at home that night. Noah, their other son, wasn’t at home while MatthewHad gone out to meet with friends and returned just before midnight. So, AnneWas the only one BillAt home FurthermoreThis was about ten days prior to the incident. BillReport his gun, holster and some ammunition missing. ThisIt turned out that the murder weapon was the one and only. It was found in the garage. Bill’s motorcycle.

WhileThe investigators searched the house and found the holster hidden in the laundry hamper under some still-wet clothing. TheThe air was stale and the clothes were washed but never dried. AmmunitionThree rounds were missing from the safe that was found on top. One bullet killed BillOne was in the chamber and another was outside the house. ThenThe authorities discovered this information. Bill’s affair with a woman named Barbara MillerIn March 2005.

InThe time after that? Bill’s family and friends received several letters and emails that seemed to have come from Barbara. TheFor a long time harassment continued, with BillEven reporting vandalism or hang-up calls. ButThe police ruled BarbaraIt was believed that AnneAll of it was her responsibility. InThey found two letters that were identical to the ones in her car. TheSeal one inside with her fingerprints and adhesive containing her DNA.

FurthermoreThe laundry hamper contained a glove that had been tested positive for gunshot residue. Anne’s DNA inside. InAnother important link in the case is the creation of email IDs. Anne’s work computer, and the hang-up calls were traced to a payphone at her work. TheThe prosecution believed that AnneThe entire thing was planned, and angry about it. AfterKilling BillOn June9, 2007 She behaved normally, going shopping with her child before reporting the death. In June 2008, AnneWas found guilty of murdering her husband. She was sentenced to death.

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