How Did He Die? Who Killed Him? Update

TheIt is a quiet, peaceful, and relatively safe city. MiddletownIn New YorkI was forced to witness a horrific homicide. Shawn Edwards’ beaten and stabbed body was found outside a local high school. AsThe victim was only a popular 14 year-old high school student. It was hard to imagine why anyone would want he to die so brutally. Crime Junkie: Murdered: Shawn EdwardsThis documentary chronicles the terrible incident and shows how the subsequent investigation tried to solve the problem. IfIf you are intrigued by the case and want more information, we can help.

How Did Shawn Edwards Die?

14-year-old Shawn EdwardsHe was a popular teenager and was loved by his family and friends. ApartYou can be a brilliant student and still be a great student. ShawnA promising football player, he had high hopes for the future. PeoplePeople who knew him described him to be a sweet, lively teenager who was always willing to help others. MoreoverAs ShawnHe was friendly with all people he met and did not have any rivals. After his murder, he did no immediate enemy.

OnIt was a cold night January 15, 1986, Shawn’s mother, Cynthia, said that she heard her son speak something about her friend. RobBeing in trouble. Shortly after, ShawnEven asked permission to meet his friend. CynthiaHe was not allowed to go on a school night. Although ShawnHe was so disappointed that he went to the living area to watch a scary film. CynthiaTook a nap. ShockinglyThat was the last time anyone had ever seen it. ShawnHe was not found, so he was alive. CynthiaAt midnight, I checked on him. DistraughtBeware of your worries CynthiaThe rest of her family searched their home but found no trace of the 14-year old. ThusWithout wasting any time, she called her ex husband. MelvinHe was asked to go out looking after their son.

Surprisingly, in the morning January16th June 1986, at 6:15 am, a janitor was working at the Middletown High SchoolHe was about to enter the premises, when he saw a human body outside. TheThe victim was immediately identified by the janitor, who immediately notified the police. Shawn Edwards, a junior-high student who was currently in the 8th Grade. AnInitial examination showed that the victim had been beaten with blunt objects before being stabbed multiple time to death. LaterAccording to an autopsy, the victim died from a blow to the head. However, the police believed that ShawnHe was killed just an hour before his body could be found.

Who Killed Shawn Edwards?

The initial investigation into Shawn’s murder was relatively slow as the police had no leads to pursue. Although there were a few pieces and a bloody rock at the crime scene, authorities couldn’t find any clues that could lead to a suspect. BesidesThey even conducted interviews with many of them Shawn’s acquaintances and friends. HoweverAll of them maintained that they didn’t know when or how to do it. Shawnhe was able to get out of bed that night. MoreoverTo top it all, ShawnHe was well-known for his amicability and did not appear to have any rivals who could murder.

(Timothy Fairweather) Image Credit: Times Herald Record Archives/Eric Krieger/ Crime Junkies

InterestinglyHowever, Shawn’s friends mentioned they had no idea about Shawn’s whereabouts on the night of his murder, they claimed that he had been behaving strangely recently. ThePodcast claims that podcast claims that in the days preceding to Shawn’s murder, the 14-year-old kept hinting that his life was in danger and even carried a knife on his person. NeverthelessNone of his friends knew the cause of this fear. MoreoverPolice even received a tip that indicated how a car was found parked in a parking lot nearby. Shawn’s house on the night he disappeared. HoweverAfter authorities put out an APB, they realized that the car belonged to an individual named Mr. FigHe claimed that he had nothing in common with the murder. UnfortunatelyThe case was closed without any other leads for many years, although rumors kept popping up.

AccordingOne rumor. MelvinHe was considered a suspect and the show mentioned this even though he was asked to search for him. ShawnHe allegedly went to a nearby cafe for coffee. TheSo strong was suspicion that MelvinA polygraph test was administered to him, and authorities believed he was lying when the accused denied knowing anything about the crime. HoweverLike all other tips, the investigation surrounding this tip MelvinAuthorities were forced to stop the investigation and found themselves back at square one.

InterestinglyIn the months to follow, the podcast mentioned this. Shawn’s murder, the police had to deal with several speculations, including one that connected a Colombian drug dealer called NelsonTo the crime. Besides, a man called Joey SelgadoIt was long suspected that he was involved in the murder of. Shawn’s murder, was arrested because of a nearby home invasion. YetHowever, the police were unable to find any evidence to link him to the murder. TheNext interesting development came in 1992 when a gentleman named Timothy Fairweather(He was 15 at the time). Shawn’s death) confessed that he was involved in the crime was present when two of his friends, Joey Selgado and Eddie Devlin, killed Shawn.

AccordingTo Timothy, JoeyPlanned the killing ShawnHad allegedly messed things up Nelson’s business. AlthoughThe case appeared closed at that point but the police did not find any evidence to tie the suspect to the crime. Moreover, TimothyLater, he claimed that he had lied to appease police officers in his confession. StillAs the sole suspect, TimothyHe was taken into custody and charged with murder by law enforcement officers. YetHis lawyer claimed that the confession was coerced, and even presented evidence that proved it. Timothy wasn’t in MiddletownThe day of Shawn’s death.

UltimatelyThe only suspect was subject to a polygraph, which he passed, and cleared his name. SinceThere has been no development in the case. A tip that claimed the murder weapon had been hidden in a home was however reported. Joey’s mother used to own turned out to be false. NeverthelessAccording to police, the investigation is still ongoing and anyone with information about the homicide is encouraged contact the Middletown Police.

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