How Did Hector Salamanca End Up in a Wheelchair in Better Call Saul?

Hector Salamanca (Mark Margolis) is among the most ruthless antagonists in the ‘Breaking Bad’ franchise. In the unique sequence, he’s first launched in season 2 episode 2, titled ‘Grilled,’ as Tio Salamanca, Tuco’s uncle. By then, Hector is already utilizing a wheelchair and speaking along with his bell.

The prequel sequence, ‘Better Call saul,’ provides context to his character by displaying him when he was more healthy. Hector is a sadistic and merciless high-ranking member of the Juárez Cartel. In season 6 episode 3, titled ‘Rock and Hard Place,’ Nacho declares that he was the one who switched Hector’s tablets and precipitated his stroke, mainly making him use a wheelchair for the remainder of his life. If you might be questioning whether or not that is true, we’ve got received you lined. SPOILERS AHEAD.

How Did Hector Salamanca End Up in a Wheelchair?

Hector involves Albuquerque after Tuco’s arrest and tries to persuade Mike to inform the authorities that the gun that Tuco dropped at their altercation truly belongs to him. As the sequence progresses, Hector’s deep-seated hatred for Gus Fring and his group begins to manifest. Hector — not incorrectly —mentions that his household has bled for the cartel, however Don Eladio Vuente more and more begins preferring the strategies that Fring employs to get medicine into the US over these of Hector, making the latter determined and offended.

How Did Hector Salamanca End Up in a Wheelchair in Better Call Saul?
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After his common transporter is killed, Hector threatens Fring, telling him to make room in his hen vehicles in order that Hector’s medicine might be transported. Realizing that this may’t be a everlasting resolution, Hector tries to seek out one other approach, setting his eyes on Nacho’s father Manuel Varga’s upholstery enterprise, a lot to the objection of Nacho. When he speaks to Manuel about it, the latter refuses and throws Hector out of his storage, incomes the opposite man’s enmity.

According to Mike, Hector takes nitroglycerin capsules for his coronary heart situations. As Nacho realizes that Hector desires to pressure his father into changing into his drug mule, he decides to behave. He comes up with a plan to exchange Hector’s tablets with pretend ones. He tells Mike about this, who says that he is not going to intervene and means that Nacho ought to put the unique tablets again in Hector’s pocket to keep away from suspicion.

Now, it’s closely implied in season 3 episode 8, ‘slip,’ that the substance that Nacho places into the pretend tablets is ibuprofen. However, proper earlier than his dying in season 6 episode 3, Nacho broadcasts that he switched Hector’s coronary heart meds with sugar tablets. Either approach, it doesn’t initially present any impact regardless of Hector taking these tablets whereas experiencing coronary heart points, making Nacho more and more anxious.  In season 3 episode 10, titled ‘Lantern,’ Hector turns into enraged after studying that Eladio now desires to make use of Fring’s routes solely to move the medicine and appears to endure nice chest ache. He takes the tablets and apparently has a coronary heart assault. However, he doesn’t die as Fring performs CPR and revives him.

In season 4, we study that Hector had a stroke. Fring sends docs and specialists to maintain the older man, however it’s revealed that is all a part of his elaborate plan of revenge in opposition to the person who killed his good friend and associate Max Arciniega. He ensures that Hector’s thoughts is totally healed however stops the remedy earlier than progress might be made along with his physique, just about leaving him trapped. This foreshadows the connection that the 2 of them have in ‘Breaking Bad,’ the place Fring retains Hector alive in order that he can taunt him along with his victories.

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