How Did She Die? Who Killed Debora Kelly?

In October2015: After a desperate 911 call, authorities raced to a house to investigate. San Antonio, Texas. Debora KellyHe was quickly declared dead after being found with a gunshot wound. TheOnly her husband was the other person present at the house. Lars Itzo. NBC News’ ‘Dateline: The Silhouette’ delves into Debora’s case and the ensuing trial. So, if you’re curious about what led to her death and who was responsible, we’ve got you covered.

How Did Debora Kelly Die?

Debora Anne KellyIt was a KansasNatives who have lived in San AntonioWith her husband of 2 years. Lars Itzo. The48-year old was the Vice PresidentThis is National Surgical HealthcareShe was a dedicated worker who spent a lot of her time on her work. This led to frequent travel. SheHe was described as someone with a great personality and who was goal-oriented. Sometime after 4 AM on October10, 2015, a Frantic LarsCall 911

How Did She Die? Who Killed Debora Kelly?

First responders descended upon the couple’s home and found DeboraShe was left with a serious gunshot wound to her chest. TheWeapon used was a 20-gauge sawed off shotgun. She was shot at approximately 3-4 feet. Despite resuscitative efforts, DeboraOn the spot, he was declared dead. TheThe authorities realized immediately LarsThe shooter was ButIt was crucial to determine why he fired that weapon, as the police didn’t believe his version of the events.

Who Killed Debora Kelly?

LarsHe was immediately taken into question. HeAccording to the police, he went to bed around midnight and was woken by noises and their dog’s growling at 4 AM. ThinkingSomeone was trying to break into the house. Lars picked up his sawed-off shotgun and went to check, approaching the bedroom’s doorway. He said, “I get up, I see a light, hear people talking, and the next thing I know, I see someone in front of me, and I shot.”

How Did She Die? Who Killed Debora Kelly?
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LarsThe shotgun failed to fire again, so he got his 9mm pistol. AroundThis is the time. LarsHe claimed to have heard the moans before realizing that the woman he shot was his wife. Debora. HeShe believed she was still in bed beside him and that he alerted them before getting up. Lars added, “I never wanted to hurt my wife, ever. I loved my wife very much.”

SoonAnschließend folgen Sie. LarsCall 911, and you could be heard breathing heavily and crying. HeThe dispatcher gave instructions for CPR and I was heard placing a bag on the wound to stop it from bleeding. HoweverThe authorities felt this way. LarsIt was being dishonest. They felt that his grief seemed forced and believed that he didn’t try to help Debora. WhenThe police arrived. Lars didn’t appear to have any blood on him, and there were no bloody footprints around the body.

In December 2016, LarsThe trial was held against a man then 49 years of age. The prosecution didn’t provide a clear motive but said he wasn’t happy with his wife making a lot of money. OnOn the other hand, defense argued that LarsHe was only trying protect his wife and claimed that there was no intention to murder. FurthermoreHe had no gunshot residue. InThe jury found that the jury was right at the end LarsNot guilty of murder, but guilty of manslaughter. A 15-year sentence was handed down as a result.

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