How Did She Die? Who Killed Kelley Clayton? Update

In September2015, a panicked 911 call Thomas ClaytonHe led authorities to his residence in the village of Caton, New York. InsideThey were able to find his wife. Kelley, and was brutally beaten to death. NBC News’ ‘Dateline: The HouseThe Woods’ focuses on a shocking case of murder-for-hire where heavy circumstantial evidence led to the conviction of the people involved. So, if you’re curious about what happened, we’ve got you covered.

How Did Kelley Clayton Die?

Kelley StageThe youngest of three children, was born and raised in Elmira, New York. SheHigh school graduation in 1998. I was described by my loved ones as a beautiful, sassy woman who loved dancing and was a good listener. AfterMoving to Las Vegas, Nevada, KelleyFor a time, I was a teacher and then a waitress at a bar. SheThen, met Thomas Clayton, who was a hockey star at the time. Thus, KelleyShe returned to her hometown Elmirato start a new chapter with her partner. She ThomasFinally, they had two children together and settled down. Caton.

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Sometime after midnight on September 29, 2015, Thomas returned from a friend’s house to find Kelleyin the kitchen, covered in blood and dead. HeThe authorities arrived quickly and called 911 immediately. TheA 35-year-old woman sustained severe blunt force trauma to the head and face. After the police began an investigation, the evidence at the house didn’t line up with a robbery. ButIt was hard to believe that it had come to light. KelleyHe was the victim of a plot to murder-for-hire.

Who Killed Kelley Clayton?

TheInvestigators found no evidence of forced entry to the house. Since nothing else was missing, it didn’t seem like a crime of opportunity. TheThe crime scene revealed signs of a struggle in the upstairs room. KelleyIt appeared that she had fallen down the stairs. TheThe attack culminated in the kitchen where she was found sprawled. Suspicion fell on ThomasThe investigation began immediately and soon revealed some alarming developments.

How Did She Die? Who Killed Kelley Clayton? Update
Thomas Clayton

AtThe incident time Thomas was at a friend’s place for poker night. The police learned that he placed a call from his friend’s wife’s phone just before 11 PM on September 28, 2015. TheA man named was called to answer the call. Michael Beard. ThisPerson used to work for one Thomas’ companies but was fired just weeks prior. UponFurther investigation revealed that they were in touch via phone records in the days preceding the murder.

TheFurther, authorities discovered that while Kelley Thomas seemed to have the perfect relationship on the surface, it wasn’t the case in reality. HeTo be unfaithful KelleyShe was often criticized. While Thomas wanted out of the marriage, he didn’t think divorce was an option. Then, Luke TetraultThe investigation was made possible by the help of a colleague, named. On September 26, 2015, LukeThe Claytons’ home to pick up a four-wheeler for a weekend event. TwoDays later, ThomasSwitching vehicles was suggested to make it easier to unload the four-wheeler.

How Did She Die? Who Killed Kelley Clayton? Update
Michael Beard

SurveillanceVideo on September28.2015, ServPro, a site where ThomasWorked, and showed him how to leave Luke’s truck and taking a company vehicle instead. Then, Thomas returned home and headed to his friend’s place to play poker. Once MichaelWhile in custody, he confessed that he had killed KelleyFor $10,000, you can get a maul handle. HoweverLater, he changed his mind and said that he had regretfully made the statement. ThomasHe was only asked to set fire to the house and not to kill anyone.

ButEven with Michael’s credibility hurt, the prosecution believed there was enough for Thomas’ conviction. ApartAccording to witness testimony, a marriage that was unhappy ended with cellphone data. TheData showed that Thomas Michael were in ElmiraOn September21, 2015, when authorities believed the murder was originally supposed to have occurred. FurthermoreThere was a sign that MichaelAfter receiving a phone call from, I went home. Thomas. UltimatelyThe circumstantial evidence was sufficient to convict Thomas MichaelSend them away for the rest of their lives.

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