How Did Y. Kenley Smith’s Killer Wanda Stopa Die?

DuringIt was like that in the 1920s WandaHe had it all: great looks and a great job, as well as a steady relationship. HoweverAlthough things looked good on the surface, she had an affair that eventually led to her killing someone. Investigation Discovery’s ‘Deadly Women: Kill The Competition’ features Wanda’s case as one of three stories in the episode. So, let’s find out what happened to her in the end then, shall we?

Who Was Wanda Stopa?

WandaWas a PolishImmigrant who came to the US as a child with her parents. TheFamilies settle in Little PolandIn Chicago, Illinois. Wandahe was always considered intelligent, and in June1921, she graduated at the John Marshall Law SchoolIn Illinois. TheA young woman, one of two women who graduated from the university at the time, seemed destined to greatness. In 1922, Wanda’s accomplishments reached new heights when she became the first woman to become the assistant state’s attorney.

In 1920, WandaWhile her family was visiting, she stayed back Warsaw, Poland. AroundThis was the time she was introduced to the Bohemian lifestyle. TheThe community was composed of writers, artists, and other unattached spirits at the time. WandaEventually, they will be married Zdzislaw “Ted” Glasko, who claimed that he was a Russian Count. However, Wanda’s family claimed he was a bootlegger and a drug peddler who got WandaIt is used to take morphine.

SometimeIn 1922, Wanda met Y. Kenley Smith, an advertising executive who was also a married man. TheTwo fell in love and began an affair. Kenley even getting her an apartment. WandaFinally, the move was made to New York City, New YorkTo live in another apartment Kenley got for her. OverShe decided to be with her for the duration of time. KenleyYou wanted to divorce Ted. WandaIt is hoped that KenleyHe would also divorce his wife. HoweverHe refused.

SometimeIn April 1924, WandaAnnounced to her friends in her apartment Greenwich Village, New York City, “Tomorrow, I’m leaving here for Chicago, and when I arrive, I’m going to kill a woman — perhaps a man.” SoShe was a tourist from New York CityFollowed by Kenley and his wife’s house in Palos ParkIn a taxi WandaTo find Kenley’s wife, Genevieve SmithThose who are sick or in bed.

AtIt is now, Kenley wasn’t at home. WandaThen, you can ask GenevieveShe asked her husband if she would divorce her husband. The latter said no. AtThis is the point. WandaA.38-caliber gun was pulled out. OneGardener is one of the employees Henry ManningI tried to calm her down. HoweverShe shot the 68 year-old while GenevieveA window was opened and he jumped out. AsShe was running around the yard. WandaTwo more shots were taken.

How Did Wanda Stopa Die?

After Genevieve escaped, Wanda screamed, “I’ll get you yet. I’m going downtown now to get your husband.” SheThen, the cab driver got out of the same car and the driver disappeared. TheAuthorities searched far and wide for her, but she was not found. WandaWho had killed? Henry. SheIt was finally located in Detroit, MichiganShe was hiding in a hotel. On April 25, 1924, WandaShe committed suicide by inhaling arsenic in her bedroom. The23-year old girl died before police could arrest her.

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