How do The Umbrella Academy Lose Their Powers?

‘The Umbrella Academy’ is about a group of superpowered children who are born under mysterious circumstances. TheThe story begins with an eccentric billionaire who travels the globe collecting as many children as possible. While the show dives into their personal relationships, their risky missions, and their actions that flip timelines, it hasn’t yet explored the truth about their origins. TheIt is important to understand the root causes of the power of the Umbrella AcademyThis is especially important when you consider the final. Season3, All of them lose all their powers. HowWhat happened? Here’s what you should know.

How doThe Umbrella Academy Lose Their Powers?


BeforeBefore we can examine how they lose their powers we need to first understand why they have them. RewindTo Season1 and we arrive at the final scene. It is revealed. ReginaldIt is not from Earth. WeHe is seen saying goodbye to his wife, who is in serious condition. He asks her to let him go and to continue his important work to save humanity. FollowingThis is when he opens a container containing golden light and releases it into the world. TheseThe particles are responsible for the Umbrella AcademyThey have great power.

WhileThe reason? Reginald HargreevesAlthough the exact release of the golden lights has not been revealed, there are some hints that the show may give us. TheseLike lights ReginaldFind your way to the EarthYou can also enter the bodies and organs of forty-three women. This leads the women, who hadn’t been pregnant, to deliver superpowered babies, of which ReginaldCollects seven. What’s curious about this is that he gets two chances to collect the children, but in both cases, he gets only seven of them. Why doesn’t he bother to go beyond that number?

TheThe final episode of the series will reveal the answer to this puzzle. Season 3. Inside Hotel ObsidianThe portal takes you to a pocket dimension where you can find a machine that can reset your timeline. ReginaldPushes the Academy(along with Ben Sloane) to go to the other side of the portal and save the world. WhileFour of them are in agreement with his plan, while the rest are against it. IfIt was about saving the planet. HargreevesCould have left with all four of them. But he makes it clear that all “seven” are needed.

DespiteHe overcomes their inhibitions and gets seven of them to the side. InHe asks them to each stand on the seven stars that are scattered on the floor at the end. AsAs soon as they step on the stars the machine starts working and we can see golden particles emerging from their bodies. ReginaldIt is the fuel for the machine. In a similar vein, these golden particles fuel the superpowers. Academy members.

TheThe origins and nature these golden particles are still being explored in the show. However, it is clear that their presence made those forty-three children so special. NowTo the question of Umbrella AcademyThere are a few theories as to why members lose their powers in the new world. When ReginaldHe likely takes the particles and starts the machine. AcademyThey might have lost their power as members of their families. When AlisonStep up to push the reset key ViktorHe tries to stop her with his powers. SheHe agrees to trust her and is asked by her. NowIt could be that he trusts his sister or that any power he had is gone now.

AnotherThe theory is that the new timeline will show the following: Academy children were never born. ReginaldAfter the death of his wife, he had released these lights. ButThis timeline shows that his wife is alive and well. ThisThis means that he may not have allowed those lights to enter the world, which means that no superpowered children were ever born. October 1, 1989. MaybeThe Umbrella Academy don’t have their powers because they have walked into another variation of the grandfather paradox where they are not supposed to exist.

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