How does New Game Plus work in Rogue Legacy 2? Answered

New Game PlusThis is a wonderful feature inThere are games that can be played over and again. TheThis feature allows you to improve the gameplay or carry over weapons that were used in previous playthroughs. SoNow that this title is hotly awaited, Rogue Legacy2 is out, but how? does new game plus work in it?

New Game PlusThis was added inUpdate 0.4.0: The first thing you will need to do after completing the game’s story is to talk to Elpis in BearerThis is Hope. ThatAll you need to get started is this.

OnceAfter that, the new game mode is available with many other changes. ToTo get started, players will need to choose the burdens that make them successful. ThreadThis is a much more difficult task. PlusEnemies will be more aggressive inThey will also be more difficult as they will be leveled and deal more damage inEach Thread. Each enemy’s damage is increased by 0.7% and its HP is increased by 1% per thread. ThereThis is a positive side, however, as it means that enemies will grant you more experience points. Gold, Ore, Amber on drops.

OnceA player enters a new game. ThreadThey do not have to complete the current one before starting a new. HoweverOnce in a while, a new one ThreadWhen you enter, all boss and Teleport progress will reset. Soul StoneDrops also happen only once per thread.

FinallyEach ThreadThe player will need to use two burdens for every NG+ level, up to NG+10. AfterOnce this level is attained, each person only needs to bear one burden Thread.

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